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Distance Education (Virtual Learning and the different tools)

Virtual learning (VL) is an education paradigm that aims to improve a student’s academic performance, enable education access and cost-effectiveness using computer software and the internet…

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Subject: Education
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Home schooling vs. Public schooling

There are three main ways of gaining education. They include private school, home school and public school. Among these, public school is the most common. Children…

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Subject: Psychology
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Day Care vs Stay at Home Parenting

Summary of the topic A stay at home parent is a mother or a father who stays at home (he/she leaves his work) to take care…

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Subject: Education
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Online education informative essay

Online education is internet-based education where educational materials are delivered to individuals located in more than one venue and with other terms such as e-learning and…

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Subject: Education
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Daycare vs. stay at home parenting

The debate concerning daycare versus stay at home parenting is a touchy topic that creates controversial opinions. However, the underlying concern is which of the two…

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Subject: Sociology
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Development of alternative education communities

Non-traditional schooling or alternative schooling always refers to the alternative private and public pedagogical approaches, which are available to students and parents. Such programs including actual…

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Homeschooling Essay Examples that Open the Veil on Education Challenges

There is nothing new in homeschooling. Modern homeschooling dates back to the previous century. However, the roots go much deeper. Well-educated parents considered tutoring their children their duty and successfully taught them all the subjects they would have at school. So, visiting private and state educational establishments to study has become common.

Students may be assigned to write essays on homeschooling to express their attitude toward such a kind of education. First, they should consider numerous factors like students’ mental and physical peculiarities and other reasons for learning at home. In addition, they must be aware of all the laws that regulate it.

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