Daycare vs. stay at home parenting


The debate concerning daycare versus stay at home parenting is a touchy topic that creates controversial opinions. However, the underlying concern is which of the two options are best for the children. The child cognitive development and moral uprightness are they influenced depending on his or her exposed environment at the age of one to three years. Most articles have written concerning the topic. Most parents have given their opinions concerning the decision they make; but how right are the choices they make for their children.

Parents have argued that staying at home with their children and put a pause to their profession as the best decision they ever opted for, and they will redo it if possible. Their reasons range from cutting down the cost of the affiliate daycares to being part of their children first moments such as crawling and uttering a word. However, am compelled to wonder if it is the best thing and if the mother (though they rarely admit) regrets abandoning their dream careers to be a stay at home parent.

First concerning the daycare, in today’s world, everything is costly due to the inflation rates brought about by globalization. The ideology of a homestead being sustained by one parent is rather becoming difficult to implement. Hence, to provide children with the lifestyle that is comfortable and sustainable; most families have found themselves in tricky situations where both parents are compelled to work (Moyer, 2016). Hence, they prefer to commit their children to a full-time daycare where there is the enriched environment with exemplary activities that will contribute effectively to the child intellectual development.

Secondly, most modern parents have opted for the concept of one or two kids and the isolated neighborhoods where most children do not get the opportunity to socialize. Thus, for the socialization factor and language skills, which is an essential factor for the growth of the children, daycare has proven to be the best option (Mooney, 2013). The children are taught how to accommodate each other and how to solve complicated situations that they may encounter at a tender age. Most children that are taken to the daycare learn on how to be independent.

For the stay at home parenting, the concerns provided are rather obvious; regardless of how the daycare environment is advanced and comfortable, it can never be comparable to a parent’s care and nurturing. The daycare staff despite the care they provide for the children, at the end of the day they can never replace the parents because they are simply the employees. The parents genuinely connect with the children because of their unconditional love they provide.

Stay at home parenting is advantageous since the elevated financial costs offered to the daycare are eliminated. The cost of having to commute and dressing up on a daily basis to the workplace is reduced (Gilstrap, 2015). Hence, the parents can wisely manage their finances since a stay at home parent does not need a lot of spending.

My take is that I would opt for a day care rather than quit my profession. Most children when in the daycare are exposed to new and educative things as compared to when they are at home with their parents. The activities that the children are involved with sharpens their intellectual capability. They grow up being independent since they are taught on how to tackle situations. At the end of the day when I reunite with my child, I can inspire him or her on the professional side (Gilstrap, 2015). Based on my opinion, I believe no child would be proud to know his or her parents quit or pause their profession dream because of them. The high-quality daycares provide children with facilities that sometimes exceeds the ones at home. When the child is in the daycare, the often receive early education and socialization, which is highly recommended. On the brighter side, the parents can progress with their careers while providing the children with the comfortable lifestyle required. However, there is no the right or wrong decision, every parent has their reasons.

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