Professional Development Plan



My vision as a leader is based on the aspects of personal leadership, leadership towards other people and possible acquires the relevant skills to wards leading an organization. In regards to personal leadership, my vision involves understanding what in entails to understand leadership from a personal perspective. In an example, being able to develop the discipline and required skills to understand the responsibility of being a leader. Personal leadership also involves the need to understand the personal attributes and ability to be strict on personal responsibilities and assigned tasks or obligations.

Leadership towards other people is rather different from personal leadership as one is required to be considerate of the fact that people have varying attitudes towards leadership. Also, the responsibility of leading others is also based on the ability of a person to be able to develop an understanding and compassion of the people, in regarding to being able to actively listening and develop tangible solution to the people. In my vision, I hope to strive and acquire the best leadership skills for this task. In additional to the interpersonal skills I have in leadership. Additionally, I would strive to be able to develop more compassion, the right attitude towards other people’s challenges, and develop the will to actively engage people in solution development. This vision seeks to strengthen my ability to fit the role of the leader in social setting, or an organization.

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Leading an organization on the other hand may be termed as a challenging venture compared to personal leadership. In an argument by Tre´panier, Fernet and Austin (2012) organizational leadership is a combination of personal leadership, leading others, as well the professional requirement to complete assigned tasks and responsibilities. The authors further assert that the most important aspect in this leadership requirement is the ability to have the required to fit the leadership role in an organization setting (Tre´panier, Fernet & Austin, 2012). From a personal perspective, I would seek to combine my personal leadership skills, and the skills I would acquire professional to be able to develop the appropriate set of skills to lead an organizations. Most importantly, my goals of leading an organization would be based majorly on assigned tasks and responsibilities, and how to direct the efforts of the people towards attaining these objectives. This requires the combination of skills in leading other people, personal leadership and organizational leadership.

Goals and Objectives

My first goal towards my vision to be a leader entails the passion to learn and acquire the appropriate leadership skills through formal education. In this way, I have the opportunity to acquire skills and experience from people with the knowledge on the subject.

My second goals is seeking the opinion of people towards the role leaders in the community, and what the community expects from a leader in a person and professional capacity. This could be attained from constant interaction with people on the leadership subject.

My other objective is to develop the correct mindset and attitude towards being a leader of the people. Joyce and Timothy (2004) are of the assumption that the personal mindset and attitude is what determines the quality of leadership we have. This is a personal journey that a person needs to have in order to acquire the correct personal attributes to be a leader. 

My fourth objective would be to acquire experience through practice. In this objective, I would seek leadership roles at my time in schools, and seek employment from other organization to understand the environment

Lastly, it would be beneficial if a person could develop an assessment model for their performance in regards to personal leadership, leading others, and also leading an organization. I would measure my performance based on objectives that I set since commencing the journey towards being a leader.


In the next three to five years entails practice and sharpening my skills while practicing in leadership positions in order to attain my goals. 

In the first three years while in school, I would actively involve myself in school activities mainly in leading roles. However, the roles would be progressive while serving in the schools roles. I would strive as much as possible to acquire the leadership role in the respective fields of practice. 

In the first three years, I would also seek to attain personal leadership attributes with the help of my family. Specifically, I would consult with my parents on the leadership skills required in the personal setting. This would also involve taking up responsibilities within the family. 

In the final two years of my plan I would seek to attain professional experience in environmental settings. Firstly, I would seek an internship in an organization within my field. The internship process should take 6 months to one year. In this process, I would strive as much as possible to grasp as much experience and information as possible in regards to task completion and responsibilities within my field.  In addition, I would take part in small leadership roles within the organization such as leading teams or work groups. 

Clearly, my plan involves developing personal leadership skills with the help from my family; develop the attitude to lead other people with my involvement in schools leadership activities; and acquiring the appropriate professional experience by taking part in an internship. The ability to complete these set goals would be measured up to the fourth year. The evaluation process would also involve the measure of the feedback from people who have experienced by leadership presence. From this response I would seek to adjust my strengths and weaknesses. 

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