Motivation Descriptive Essay


What differentiates someone that is intrinsically motivated from someone that is extrinsically motivated? 

Motivation is the drive that enable individuals to achieve set goals. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Someone who is intrinsically motivated achieves objectives set without external pressure or anticipation of rewards for accomplishments. They are driven by a personal interest in developing their skills and enjoy accomplishing goals. Contrary, an extrinsically is driven by external pressures, rewards and consequences of failing to achieve set goals. These individuals miss the enjoyment, learning, skill development and satisfaction one can achieve by accomplishing goals (Huber, 2014; Yoder-Wise, 2015).

Give an example of how you would go about motivating an individual who is intrinsically motivated and one who is extrinsically motivated

As a leader motivating those being let needs one to identify the motivators of different individuals. To motivate an individual who is intrinsically motivated, the leader needs to set an environment that gives work satisfaction. Involve them is setting goals and ensure they are a good fit in their position. Allocate the individual tasks that are in line with their core values and culture. It will be easy for one to get satisfaction for accomplishing goals that are in line with their values and beliefs. The leader must also ensure the goals set are clear and the direction of the team is in unison. On the other hand, to motivate an extrinsically motivated individual the leader must set an external environment that provides motivation (Huber, 2014). They can be motivated by setting team and individual goals. Set punishments for unmet goal and reward people for accomplishing the set objectives (Huber, 2014; Yoder-Wise, 2015). Recognize individuals for accomplishing personal goals and for their contribution to group goals. The individual who is extrinsically motivated will strive to meet goals to avoid punishment and get rewards and recognition. 

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What are the characteristics of a performance-driven team?

A performance driven has all the team dynamics balanced to ensure effective team performance. The team has a good number with consistent members with complementary skills. Communication in the team is open and consistent and conflicts are handled immediately as they surface. Conflict are resolved in a professional dialogue where members share ideas and listen carefully to one another. The team has a meaningful purpose towards achieving clear goals, and each member takes personal responsibility for the work. Team members are open to ideas and creativity and are flexible to adjust to overcome any challenges towards accomplishing goals (Linlin & Haifa, 2010).

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