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California is one among the major parties that greatly participated in the American war. However, little is known about the participation of California in the war….

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American cancer society

The American Cancer Society is a health organization whose mission is to eradicate cancer from the world. They are able to achieve their main agenda through…

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Subject: Sociology
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Hub youth center

The Breakthrough or the Youth Hub Center was incorporated in 1965 as a Limited Company.  However, Breakthrough can only function as a non-profit entity with no…

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Subject: Health Care
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Implementation of the institute of medicine future of nursing report

Nurses provide an inclusive and coordinated health care, address patient challenges, collaborate and communicate with other stakeholders. Besides, nurses promote interdisciplinary teamwork to ensure that patient…

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Subject: Nutrition
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Waste food and the homeless

Introduction A myriad of homeless people is getting to the streets with the intention of getting handouts from well wishers. This perception of benevolence has led…

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Subject: Philosophy
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Virtue ethics discussions

Discussion 1 Someone who is greedy, deceitful or self-indulgent may be seen as enjoying great pleasure, but that does not mean that they are enjoying true…

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