American cancer society


The American Cancer Society is a health organization whose mission is to eradicate cancer from the world. They are able to achieve their main agenda through research, exchange of information by experts, supporting cancer patients and creating awareness on prevention. In the event that a family member or colleague is diagnosed with cancer, the American Cancer Society will educate the patient their diagnosis, on how to find and pay for treatment, treatment and how to cope with side effects of medication. The organization also provides support by giving a free ride or a place to stay when treatment is far from their residence (American Cancer Society, 2017). Cancer drains a patient and their family therefore, physical, emotional, and financial support is paramount.

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There are genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that put Americans at risk of cancer. Diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and genes involved in differentiation of adipocyte and metabolism of glucose are linked to various forms of cancer. Many Americans prefer fast food in comparison to healthy homemade food. As a result, many individuals are predisposed to obesity which has been linked to cancer. Testosterone and free estradiol are increased as a result of production of enzymes by adipose tissue. This causes cellular proliferation and inhibition of apoptosis. Fast food contains fat thus contains benzopyrene, a carcinogen. According to CDC, smoking cigarettes and risky sexual activities also increases susceptibility. It is important that Americans are educated on living healthy lifestyles, how to prevent cancers and early detection to reduce mortality rates.

Change in policy can reduce the incidence rates as well as mortality and morbidity rates. Policies that support cancer prevention and not just treatment should be enacted. Evidence based interventions and policies need to evaluated and put in action. Experts should work together to design comprehensive cancer control approaches.
The American Cancer Society funds many research programs including the Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry Cancer Program. This program focuses on genes involved in cancer and mutations, deletions and amplifications in those genes. Through this program, scientists are able to identify the genes responsible for cancer, consequently finding prevention and treatment of cancer.

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