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The Breakthrough or the Youth Hub Center was incorporated in 1965 as a Limited Company.  However, Breakthrough can only function as a non-profit entity with no political or religious affiliation.  This means that no member of the organization has a right to divisible profits of the company.  All the income or any property of the organization can be solely applied for an objective promotion of the Company.  In addition, as a limited Company, Breakthrough can only be liquidated through a legal application and any property that remains after liquidation shall be donated to a charitable organization that shares similar values and vision.

As a charitable organization, whose aim is to mobilize resources for the poor in Sarawak community, Breakthrough receives most of its funds from donations given by individuals as well as a few corporations that have community service relationship.  However, this means that the money or any kind of donation that Breakthrough gets can only be used for its ministries and not on its members.  As a result, for most of its work, it has to rely on volunteers (Breakthrough, 2016, n.p).

In terms of activities, Breakthrough has various undertakings such as home building for the poor, family care for destitute families, education for needy children, and natural farming to boost income for poor families.  Moreover, Breakthrough is famed for its function as a youth center popularly known as a hub center (Breakthrough, 2016, n.p).

The Hub Youth Center that focuses its activities in Desa Wira, and the surrounding neighborhood such as RPR, and Stephen Yong, has the mandate of ensuring that young people from humble backgrounds and those who have been brought up by single-parent get access to social support (Breakthrough, 2016, n.p).

One of the social support activities run by the Hub Youth Center is educational support such as after school tutorial in various subjects such as Mathematics and English.  This program targets students between the age of 7 and 12 years who are mainly in primary school.  In the same tutorial line, the center also caters students between the age of 13 and 17 years in the areas of Science and English (Breakthrough, 2016, n.p).  Apart from supporting learning, the center also provides the young men and women with healthy leisure activities like movies shows.  The young people get to enjoy good movies that are meant to influence their lives positively by giving them good moral lessons that they can apply in life (Breakthrough, 2016, n.p).

Other activities include intercultural talks meant to foster intercultural cohesion and to give the youths an understanding of different cultures.  The symposia will be useful as they progress with their lives and meet people from different cultures (Breakthrough, 2016, n.p).  Talks and discussions provide an opportunity for the young people to discuss the issues that affect them and how they think these problems can be solved.  Cooking and music lessons are life skills provided in the Hub Youth Center.  These skills are meant to equip them for life and provide a platform for the young people to exercise and nurture their talents (Breakthrough, 2016, n.p).  Finally, the center organizes home visits for the young people to know where they live and encourage them through the challenges that they could be facing in their lives and homes.  Truly, the Hub Youth Center has been a blessing and a source of hope for the thousands of young people.

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