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What is the Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is an intellectual approach to understanding and analyzing the relationship between race, racism and other forms of oppression. Racism is a deeply ingrained…

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Afrocentric theory of social change

DefinitionAccording to the Afrocentric Theory of Social Change, the invasion of the African continent by the Europeans through colonialism and slavery led Africans to lose their…

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Ethnicity in the United States

In the society, a person’s identity is ascribed to various aspects such as behavior, mode of dressing, culture, religious beliefs, and origin. When combined together, all…

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A critical race theory argumentative essay is one of the academic assignments that expose racism’s and discrimination’s ugly heads. This paper has many moral and historical implications. However, due to the topic’s complexity, you may need help writing an excellent critical race theory assignment. Our databank contains free essay examples to kick-start you.

A Critical Race Theory Essay’s Significance

An essay about critical race theory exposes one of the greatest vices against black people in the United States of America –racism. It shows how a few white supremacists oppressed Africans by building a racial and social class wall between them before and after the Civil War. It also covers issues like sex equality and discrimination-related mental health challenges.

When drafting a paper on critical race theory, try to remain objective and don’t mix the entire Caucasian race with a narrow circle of racists who committed crimes and legal pressures against blacks. Balance and absence of bias are necessary for drafting a perfect piece.

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