Accountability in the Military

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Accountability in the military refers to the requirement imposed by law for keeping accurate records of documents, property, and funds. Essentially, accountability is an important attribute and responsibility of military leaders (Adler & Sowden, 2018). Due to this, everyone needs to evaluate the reasons the U.S. army is liable and the importance of accountability in the military. Primarily, accountability in the military focuses on records, soldiers’ lives and military assets.

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Reasons Why the U.S. Military Is Accountable

The NCO’s function is to keep accurate records of military items such as NVG’S clothiers, weapons, and vehicles. Besides, accountability in the United States military involves caring for the soldiers. The U.S. army spends vast sums of money on the equipment and training of the soldiers. Therefore, accountability requires that a higher squad leader or command look into the welfare of the soldiers. The squad leaders should know where their team soldiers are fighting and where their equipment is (Meyer & Wynn, 2018). Under all the circumstances, the commanding leader and their soldiers are responsible for their equipment.

Another critical aspect of accountability in the military is time management. Soldiers in the United States Military must meet deadlines and attend appointments punctually. When called upon, soldiers must be in the expected places on time. Doing miscalculated steps or following the wrong direction can wreck various situations in the combats. Therefore, the military starts with a morning formation. During the morning formation, all the soldiers are issued the necessary information about the activities to be dealt with during the day (Edmonds, 2019). This information helps the soldiers keep checking the present situations in the field. A lack of accountability in the military would put the soldiers’ lives at stake. Accountability incorporates acceptance of responsibility and rendering the results with transparency and honesty.

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Importance of Accountability in the Military

The U.S. military is also accountable for the mental and physical health of the soldiers. Mental and physical health are essential aspects of the U.S. military, as only strong and well-functioning soldiers can perform optimally. All soldiers in the military are responsible for their specific actions. Accountability in the United States military helps to keep track of the soldiers ensuring they can be easily accessed when required. Also, accountability helps to safeguard the assets of the military. These assets include; weapons, food, clothes, funds, and documents essential for safety and security (Shearer, 2020).

The military takes staunch actions against the soldiers that contravene accountability norms. Lack of accountability in the military can put the weapons or soldiers’ lives at risk. Therefore, the primary significance of accountability in the military is to minimize the risk of losing soldiers or military assets. Mobile Technology has facilitated accountability of the military in the United States. The squad leaders can keep track of their team soldiers by dialling their numbers. In case of danger to one of the team soldiers, the squad leader can contact the other team soldiers to rescue the endangered soldier during a mission (Shearer, 2020). Also, buddies are assigned to all the soldiers during a mission. Buddies provide a support system to the soldiers when specific hurdles are approaching, or their life is at risk. This treatment helps to ensure that military plans and missions are carried out successfully.

Accountability in the Military is also concerned with the other spheres of life. It is the role of the United States Military to protect civilian life. Therefore, accountability helps control certain situations to protect civilian life. Accountability helps to keep soldiers ready for missions and deployments. The importance of accountability is heightened for all soldiers and the chain of command during terror attacks, instant events, and natural calamities. Besides, accountability helps to facilitate responsibility during missions and deployments to ensure the care and safety of the members (Edmonds, 2019). For example, when soldiers are kidnapped or their funds are stolen, accountability helps the squad leaders deploy the other soldiers to retrieve the abducted soldiers or military assets.


The United States Military performs various operations, including; safety, inventories, work procedures, and keeping track of military personnel. The military follows structural, strict, and immutable laws and policies concerning accountability. Accountability is considered to be the backbone of the operations in the military. The soldiers also should keep correct records of the military assets, funds, or documents. Lack of accountability results in disorderly conduct in the military during missions or deployments. In the military, soldiers follow the instructions of their leader. In turn, the squad leaders take care of the welfare of their team soldiers (Edmonds, 2019). Therefore, accountability plays a significant role in the leadership of the military. When military leaders are accountable for their actions, they are the glue that holds everything in the army together. The paper above has evaluated why the U.S. is responsible and the importance of accountability in the military.

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