Addison’s Disease

Subject: Mental Health
Type: Exploratory Essay
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Word count: 462
Topics: Depression, Adolescence, Disease, Health

This disease is a health disorder which comes about by the inability of the adrenal glands to synthesize sufficient amounts of cortisol and aldosterone hormones (Marzotti & Falorni, 2009).  This essay will discuss the significant side effects of the corticosteroid treatment of this disease, the factors that makes the disease problematic to adolescents and the interprofessional team appropriate to handle a patient with the disease. It will also state the role of a registered nurse (RN) in this situation.

One of the side effects of corticosteroid use is that it causes neuropsychotic problems. These include steroid psychosis, anxiety and depression which are very depressing to the patient. Cardiovascular effects whereby sodium retention through a direct action on the kidney which results to fluid retention and eventually hypertension is also a significant side effect. The third one is that the chronic use of this steroidal treatment may affect the eyes and lead to predisposition of cataracts and retinopathy (Aronson, 2009).

The disease becomes problematic to handle among the adolescents because of the physical stress it causes them in handling the signs and symptoms. Some of the signs include acne and darkening of the skin which affects their appearance making them feel ugly, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting which disrupts their activities especially while among their peers and also irritability and depression with sleeping disorders which affects their concentration and may lead to delinquent behaviors like drug use in trying to escape from the reality of the disease. Managing the side effects of the disease’s treatment is also a factor that weighs down on the young patient. The side effects are at times severe and affect their self esteem and ego (Sarka, Ghosh & Bndyopadhyay, 2012).

For a thorough diagnosis and proper management and treatment of the patient suspected to be suffering from this disease, an interprofessional team that includes a physician, dermatologist to examine the extent of the skin effects, endocrinologist to provide expert evaluation and the disease management plan, laboratory technician to carry out blood tests, and a registered nurse will be appropriate. The role of an RN (Registered Nurse) will include providing nursing care to the patient through careful observation, accurate attention to the medical treatment details and timely updates to the doctor on the progress. The nurse also protects the patient from all influences during treatment and ensures to win the patient’s confidence and cooperation throughout the improvement process (Extension, 2013).

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