Analysis Of Immigration And The Impact It Has On Human Life


Immigration basically refers to the movement of people globally from their country of origin to a new country where they do not have citizenship (Wimmer et. al 20). One of the main reasons for immigration includes the search for better jobs and opportunities in the new countries (Castles & Stephen 216). Immigrants in most cases usually stay in the new country as permanent residents or living as citizens who are naturalized (Jones & Michael 999). The immigrants usually take different job opportunities and operate as migrant workers in various jobs. Migration in most cases has proved to be very beneficial to sending country and the one receiving as well.

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Research indicates that on average the population which is native has to a large extent benefited from immigration. Contrary to this, however, a debate has been surrounding the issue of how low skilled migration has had an impact on the low skilled native labor. ‘Tell me how it ends’ a film written by Valeria Luiselli covers different aspects of immigration. The film is generally structured around forty questions which are creatively translated so as to ask children from Latin America who are facing deportation. There is a confrontation which is a reality for children in search of a new life in the US and the American dream. The documentation below is a paper that contains information which is based on analyzing immigration and considers why the human element is critical.

El Norte’s Representation Of Immigration and Its Impact on Human Life

According to El Norte, not every individual who gets an opportunity to go to America gets the chance to enjoy the American dream. The movie ‘El Norte’ stars two young Indians who are indigenous who end up learning that ‘El Norte’ is not necessarily what they were expecting. The realization comes into light upon reaching and crossing the Mexican border gaining access in the United States of America. Consequently, as it most commonly known the United States of America is referred to as the ‘Land of the Free’. ‘El Norte’ specifically meant hard times for the characters Enrique and Rosa who had run away from the Guatemala which was their native town. The two characters had fled their hometown of Guatemala due to the government which was in place that had evil intentions. In addition, it was there hope that they will find a better life upon settling in the United States of America. The parents of the two characters in the film were actually killed by the reigning government military in the 1980’s.

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The two were generally not accepted in their own country regardless of the fact that they were part of the Guatemala population. Moving from their home country to a new country did very little in making their situation better. Upon settling in the new country, they soon learned they were also not accepted in the United States of America. The challenges in reality and complexity of immigration are experienced in the United States as clearly depicted in ‘El Norte’. Life in America became difficult for the two characters because they soon realized that they lacked what they needed both socially and economically.

Enrique and Rosa soon developed the feeling of not belonging with reasons that can be attributed to their social and economic status. The laws that govern the working environment for most of the migrants are usually not favorable. A good example is Rosa who had to delay medical help which was very urgent due to the fear of deportation. A work permit in most cases is usually a requirement before one can be allowed to secure a job in a new country (Marshal & Alfred 198). The storyline captures the theme of hope among two individuals who had expectations of a better life. A clear view is given of some of the social vices which are associated with the movement of people from their native country to new destinations.

Valerie Luiselli Insight On Immigration In ‘Tell Me How It Ends’

The essay tells me how it ends revolves around an interpretation of 40 questions by Valerie Luiselli. A vivid explanation is given in the four-part essay on the immigration crisis which took place in the year 2014. It was during this period in time that thousands of children who are undocumented arrived in the southern border within the United States of America. A description of the process of screening is given through a vivid explanation by the author who happens to be an immigrant, educator, writer, and also a translator. The process of screening the young immigrants is done with the help of an intake questionnaire. Issues of immigration, having a sense of belonging and identity are interwoven in some of the experiences that the author has experienced firsthand. The questions in the interview begin by trying to build an understanding of why the immigrant opted to move in the country.

The author in the first chapter recalls of she embarked on accompanied by her family. The road trip which stretched from Harlem in New York to the Cochise had a twist of tales. The author narrates how they encountered an offensive language which was used around the immigration laws. The job of Valerie in the film is to conduct interviews for children in the courthouse, record their responses and translate the answers for lawyers who are making effort to build a case against deportation. Immigrants from the storyline who move into a new country are faced with laws which tend to make their lives difficult in the found residents.

Media coverage is also done on the state immigration crisis in the summer of the year 2014. A general understanding is developed of the situation and a consensus is made where most children are running away from gang-related violence. Statistically, it is estimated that more than 102000 children were detained along the border as the crisis continued to unfold (Aronowitz & Alexis 167). There are many public schools in the United States of America especially in Nassau District which deny immigrant children access to education. The denial of the children for basic entry in education is made possible based on the legally required paperwork for them to be admitted. A state compliance ruled such practices as being illegal however they are still being done. Immigrants from the book go through various social problems which make their life difficult.

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In conclusion, immigration across the globe has had its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Immigrants who move into new destinations are driven by the hope of a better life both economically and socially. In the two films, there is a common phenomenon in the sense that the immigrants move to the United States of America so to live the American dream. The reasons why the immigrants move is due to the harsh conditions in their home country. According to El Norte, for instance, the two characters Enrique and Rosa move into the USA through Mexico due to the bad political situation in their country. Furthermore, it is evident that their parents were both killed by the government military back in their home country. The circumstances force them to run away and move to the United States of America in search of a better life. The film Tell me how it ends based on the interpretation of forty questions also captures an intriguing storyline of young immigrants. The young immigrants are forced to move from their home countries due to gang-related violence.

One thing that stands out, however, is the consequences which are associated with immigration when individuals move to other countries. Immigrants who move into new countries face the risk of being deported back to their home countries in case they are caught with the relevant authorities. Consequently, most of them cannot be able to access education due to the same problem of having the required documentation. Improving economically requires one to at least secure a good job when settling in a new area. The immigrants in most cases are not able to get jobs because they are required to get a work permit before employment. The process of getting a work permit is also not easy since it is coupled with a lot of administration bottlenecks.

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