Applying Maslow’s Theory: A Deep Dive into Freda’s Life-changing Decision

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Assignment 4a 2: Case Study 2

Maslow’s theory or premise is a characterization of needs both as basic and growth oriented because one attains its satisfaction transitions to another or the next one (Chapter 9). In the hierarchy, lower needs attract the assumption that they are dominant over the higher ones owing to the fact they apply to all people irrespective of their status for they are the starting point of any human being. The highest as well as are most fragile in the hierarchy and embrace self-actualization, a reflection in the Meta-needs (Chapter 9). Meta-needs are in a close relation to the intrinsic motivations, which like enjoyment and creativity, at times receive a degree of undermine from external rewards (Chapter 9).

The case of Freda is a clear indication of the involvement of motivational as well as emotional factors in decision-making (UNITEK college). Such extrinsic factor as acquisition of a great deal of money motivates Freda to accept the job in London. Besides, she highly wants to help her mother by bailing out the family home out of foreclosure. Likewise, Freda’s mother also strongly urges her daughter to take the job offer in London (UNITEK College). These motivational factors could influence her decision in several ways. For instance, the huge pay associated with the job, the family needs and the advice from her mother would compel her to take the job. 

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Freda’s needs are, therefore, meta-needs, which attracts influence from the intrinsic motivations (Chapter 9). However, not all the intrinsic motivations would positively influence her decision to accept the job (Chapter 10). Such factors as deferring from biochemistry could negatively influence her decision. Moreover, Freda’s personality is also important in influencing her motivation. For instance, she is shy and fears the modeling job would deny her privacy (Chapter 10). Shyness involves social anxiety, which Freda highly demonstrates. Therefore, it could be an important demotivating factor (Chapter 10).

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  2. Chapter 10. Personality
  3. UNITEK college. UNITEK college-PSY 101: Case Study 2
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