Arcadia, Florida

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The private prisons have played a significant role in the process of rehabilitating criminals. Since 1991, Florida State has been using the private prison for correctional services because there was a high crime rate which led to overpopulation in the public prisons. The high population in the correctional services made the Florida state to be in dire need of the strict laws to make people reduce incidences of crime. The following are significant of the Arcadia.

The private prisons have reduced the operating cost of the correctional services (Vardalis and Becker 148).For instance, when you compare the cost that was incurred by the state and the cost incurred through the use of private prison, you find out that it is a bit lower.

The use of the private prison by the state has enabled the state to easily monitor what goes on in the prison (Genders 285).It has allowed the state institution to carry out audits on the conditions of the facilities. Nevertheless, it allows the state institution to check all the services that are being offered by the private prisons.

The criminal justice system in Florida state needs a lot of reform so that more people can refrain from criminal activities (Parenti 34).The state was mainly focused on correctional services rather than the legislature.

My viewpoint on the private prisons is the state should more focus on the performance-based approach to the criminal justice in contracting the private prisons so that they can improve the offender and the public safety overall.

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