Ashley Treatment

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Strategy to Advocate for Legislative Change at the State Level to Influence Insurance Coverage for Treatment

The United States Constitution gives rights to individuals irrespective of their health condition. Ashley Treatment for individuals with Developmental Disabilities is one of the medical interventions that have created controversial not only in America but also in other states (Burkholder, 2012). Based on the arguments being raised about this treatment, it is important to make changes in the legislation so that children and families which need this service can be covered by their insurance for treatment. 

After the passage of the Affordable Act in 2010, United States health sector has experienced market changes beyond those which used to exist. The Act allowed traditional responsibilities, roles and authorities in the various health care functions to be altered or tested to match with some sections of the Affordable Care Act (Burkholder, 2012). One of the changes experienced is the patient as the customer who has the power to make more informed heath care decisions and choices. Some of the strategies to help children’s and their families take Ashley Treatment will entail:

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The legislative will make changes to health insurance benefits and products that have the ability to increase consumerism among patients in this category, hence helping them to manage the benefit costs. With the cost of healthcare increasing every day in the United States, consumers seeking Ashley Treatment have been reevaluating when and how they would spend on health care (HRI, 2014). This strategy will require legislative changes on the revenue pressure by creating zero tax on the patients taking Ashley treatment. This will ensure the insurance companies pay more for the treatment of this condition while the insurer does not increase the premium. This will not only eliminate the financial risk associated with the treatment but will offer equal opportunity for all American citizens who want to undertake the treatment (HRI, 2014). 

Estimated Timeline for Your Legislative Change to Occur

Change of tax code will decrease or increase the taxes. The changes will be reflected state and federal revenues where they will eventually decrease the amount of revenue (HRI, 2014). This means that there will be resistance by some members of Congress who are supposed to pass the legislation. Based on some of these challenges, the legislative is supposed to take at least 18 months to pass. 

The process will start with a detailed understanding of the federal tax code and programs. Then, relevant literature will be discussed, to understand whether there is similar information about the proposed legislation. The third step will be extensive analysis of data and information collected on the topic and that reported by the government statistical agencies and by the private organizations. Some of the information that needs to be considered for this case includes current population survey of disabled children, state income and products amounts, the statistics of income database, data on the national health expenditures and incomes, and data on financial transactions between the state and the health care sector (Lyons EJ, 2014). 

The fourth step which is expected to take about 2 months will entail consulting with experts including analysts at the think tanks, professionals in the insurance and health care, different representatives in the health care and insurance industry, people working for state and federal government and others (Lyons EJ, 2014). After the consultation is done, the proposal will then be presented to the members of Congress and the health care committee will review it. 

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