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The auto mechanic is a career for individuals who repair and inspect light trucks as well as cars. Individuals who have skills in these area work on a variety of automobile make or specific make of an automobile (Orr 8). They can work in workshops or can be mobile such that the vehicle owners may get services without necessarily bringing their vehicles in the workshop. Their responsibilities include inspecting, maintaining, and repairing vehicles of these nature (Workable). Their success in their work is based on their ability to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately as well as identifying ways of responding to the problem to make the automobile work efficiently again. While the auto mechanic occupation may be disregarded because it is physically demanding and requires stringent training, it is one of the most popular, promising and rewarding careers. This research seeks to examine the nature of their work of an auto mechanic, requirements, significance of possessing ample skills, prospects as well as the responsibilities of auto mechanics.

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Habitually, they have to estimate and quote the most appropriate prices to their clients before beginning their work or primarily after accomplishing part of the repairing, disassembly or inspection (Orr 13). Similarly, their assignment may entail repair of an explicit part or replacement of specific parts of the automobile. The work of an auto mechanic is physically demanding and strenuous and thus requires individuals who are dedicated and devoted to their duties. For instance, it might involve staying in uncomfortable positions and lifting heavy objects for an extended period. Auto mechanics work in numerous of automobile service settings including tire stores, car dealers, gas stations, oil change operations, and workshops or full-service repair shops (Doyle). However, some of the auto mechanics work in their own business where they manage their business including setting prices, supervising staff and advertising.

In many developed countries, including the United States, many schools and programs offer rigorous training to the individuals who are interested in becoming skilled auto mechanics. The institutions dedicated to these tasks provide competent skills that enable graduate auto mechanics to acquire valuable and proficient skills in this field (Turpin 43). There are many areas that the individuals can receive training including automobile maintenance and repair, collision repair as well as restoring and painting (Sclar 13). The training program must fulfill specific standards that have been established by the United States’ automotive industry. For instance, in the United States, The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) has been bestowed with the responsibility of evaluating the training programs to ensure that they are within the standards.

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Necessary skills in motor vehicle maintenance is an essential part of a mechanic’s duties, especially in the modern industrialized world. An automobile ought to be checked regularly by the auto mechanic to verify that such vehicle is suitable to be used by humans from place to place (Joyner). The auto mechanic also carries out preventative maintenance, as a fundamental part of their job to remove some of the parts that may not be functional and which can cause other problems when the engine is running (Rossen). While the automobile owners rarely undertake such practice involving preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance, it is the most valuable practice by the auto mechanic that can prevent vehicles from causing accidents.

There are rapid changes and advancement in technology in contemporary times, and thus the mechanic’s job is changing and evolving from being purely mechanical to include sophisticated electronic technology. In modern times, vehicles possess composite electronic and computer systems that require a mechanic to have a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding (Gresham). The increasing changes in the convoluted nature of the modern technology incorporated in the automobile compel leaders in the independent workshops, and other automobile industries provide sophisticated computers capable of diagnosing automobiles. Each auto mechanic or a technician who lacks such computers are unable to identify the problem and hence may be unable to diagnose the problem and repair a vehicle (Press 34). Simultaneously, the technologies used in automobiles keeps on changing, and thus the mechanic must be ready to learn the new changes in systems and technologies to enable them to remain relevant to the industry. Consequently, they must embrace research to enable them to update their skills and knowledge in diagnosing and repairing (Sully 71). Internet information and other specific sites such as YouTube provide valuable information to auto mechanics

While stringent training is required for some mechanics, especially the ones destined to work in motor vehicle assemblage factories, some may be trained by other qualified auto mechanics until they acquire sufficient skills to work on their own. Such local arrangements are common in developing countries where sophisticated training may be expensive. For one to train as an auto mechanic, high schools knowledge is adequate to cope with the programs offered (Labrecque 62). Some mechanics have certificates or associate’s degrees in automotive technology. The training programs must combine classwork and real-world experience through rigorous practical exposure to enable the auto mechanics to acquire both knowledge and skills sufficient to handle their assignments (Marlowe 46). Both on-the-job training and formal schooling may take up to five years for an individual to be considered fully qualified to handle an automobile and carry out repairing responsibilities successfully. However, completing training does not mean that the auto mechanic has finalized the entire course. The reason is that many changes occur depending on the innovations being developed by various motor vehicle companies “Testimonials”). Accordingly, mechanics must continually update themselves to enable them to respond to all the problems that automobiles may develop at any given time.

In companies like Ford or General Motors, the student is required to have completed the internship with either local repair or another car manufacturer. During the internship, which is similar to the entry-level service, the student is likely going to be paid for their service and time at the working station. Some of the courses offered during training include automotive emissions, math, engine diagnosis, steering, and suspension as well as digital devices in computers (Jozefowicz 45). Additionally, students undertake stringent apprenticeship work so that they can be considered to have efficaciously completed the course. Since the training is demanding, precision skills especially when it comes to hands-on experience is required of an auto mechanic. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanic earns up to $38,470 per year which is equivalent to $18.50 per hour.

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The employment level in this industry dealing with automotive service for mechanics and technicians is expected to grow by 6 % between 2016 and 2026, which constitute average growth when compared to other occupations (“Bureau of Labor Statistics”). Auto mechanics working for automotive dealers, government agencies or own their workshops earn salaries that are much higher than average. “Mechanics working for gasoline stations, and private service outlets often earn less than the average wage” (Doyle). Accordingly, employment opportunities for trained jobseekers are described as one of the best, mainly because it does not require competitive academic qualification.

Conclusively, auto mechanic deals with inspecting, maintaining, and repairing of motor vehicles. While the auto mechanic may be disregarded, it is one of the most promising careers. Physically demanding and strenuous and thus requires individuals who are dedicated and devoted to their duties. Auto mechanics may be employed in vehicle manufacturing firms, or workshops may have their workshops. In developed countries, rigorous training is provided in schools while in developing countries such training may be done by having the individual attach themselves with other experienced mechanics for at least five years. In some countries such as the United States, the training program must fulfill specific standards. Auto mechanics must update themselves always because of changes in technology as well as other changes done by the manufacturer. For an individual to train as an auto mechanic, there are no high-level certificates that are required. In fact, high school graduates can join the program. The career is highly rewarding, especially for the committed professional who work for the government or own workshops. Accordingly, the Auto mechanic may be disregarded because of being strenuous but is one of the best careers.

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