Business initiative and technologies


Business initiative

The business initiative is a way in which an organisation uses to set a priority. In most cases, the business initiative is a description of the direction in which the organisation wants to follow and the manner in which that aspect will bring about improvements in the organisation (Foster, 2010). Therefore, the initiative of this firm will be a component of the vision for the future of the organisation. The intention of this business firm is to make use of various marketing initiatives for the purpose of describing its strategic vision to investors. Some of the actions applied will relate to types of services and products that employees should sell more, for instance, having business households for the importance of purchasing personal banking products. Another case here will be the desire of getting the firms account holders to have access to the company’s both credit and debit cards. This is a very significant strategic goal that will demonstrate how this organisation will grow in its market position.

Technological change is also another important business initiative that this organisation will put in consideration. As it is recognised, in most cases a business initiative projects in which both employees and leaders come together due to an internal challenge that needs to be solved or need in which a customer needs to be satisfied. In this case, this organisation will come up with technological changes, this because they involve professionals who to develop new technologies.

In case any business initiative that will possess the effect of amending the status quo, there will be the necessity of coordination with managers and executives to deal with it effectively. Some of these instances will be such as managers will have to make the employees ready to change the procedures of the organisation and their behaviours. This will involve overcoming defiance, making the employees to work according to the imposed change and establishing a time deadline for implementation. Another aspect that the organisation will consider is the client initiative. In every organisation, it is the role of the management staff to create a healthy competition between teams that will attend to different client accounts. Each team will own the responsibility of building the prestige of its team through various aspects such as brainstorming new business initiatives for its clients.

Business technologies and technology policies

Every current business requires the use of technology to be successful. It will be necessary for this organisation of activity to regulate the use of technology within the organisation to have easy access to the information and also recognise the fast ways of distributing information provided by the business technology and the internet services (Linke, 2010). Nevertheless, the business management will have to come to its realisation that technology can bog down the firm’s employees for individual use, which will lower their productive performance. It will be the role of the organisational management to educate the employees that the misuse of the corporate technology will raise harm to the reputation built by the firm and therefore bring about bad relationships with clients. Thus, to eliminate this issue, it will be necessary for the company to implement plans with a view to controlling technology use of work as this will ensure that the production performance will not be lowered rather will be increased.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Every business entrepreneur is interested in ensuring that the firm is performing efficiently every time. There have been many cases of illegal activities that employees have been involved in many organisations, and this has dramatically reduced the performance of these institutions. Therefore, as a way of ensuring that this new business will not fall into this category, the management will make sure that it comes up with a training session for the employees cornering the misuse of the organisation’s technology and any other property. This is one of the business opportunities that the organisation will use to eliminate the cases of illegal activities that will lead to the wrong reputation of the firm. The management will also be strict to its employees while using the organisational computers and any other type of technology to ensure that security is kept at a higher level. Therefore, as a new business, this firm will have to protect it business through the creation and requiring its employees to sign an electronic equipment policy statement. This will be an imperative step in establishing the organisation’s technology policies.

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