Cancer as a Personal and Communal Health Issue

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Cancer is major health issues to many countries globally. It a disease that results from abnormal growth of cells which in the end lead to the existence of malignant growths in a human’s body. In this descriptive paper, there are key aspects that are to be described in accordance to the general impact of cancer as a disease and as well as a health issue to the modern society. 

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Background Information

It is always very important to state the scope of every undertaking. It enables a researcher to identify his or her limiting points considering his or her research topic. In this case, the research at hand seeks to uncover the widespread effects of cancer as a global health issue, categorically considering how it has modified our perception of its effects, and the steps that have been made to tackle cancer as a health issue. This health issue is a burden to world’s health and aid agencies. Hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer globally, most of these diagnosed patients die from the disease (Michael & Patricia, March 24, 2006). 

In most nations of the world, the second-ranked cause of death is cancer. There have been recent improvements in heart disease’s treatment in the recent past, this means that cancer will soon take top spot as the major cause of death in the world. Despite the increase in public awareness that recommends treatment of cancer at is manageable and treatable stages, many of the world’s population is still susceptible to the disease eventual result, death. The reasons for these results are due to inadequate health facilities in low-income countries as well as the disease’s ruthlessness (Kevin, Elizabeth, & Ruth, October 20, 2015). The research paper objects at providing an elaborate case study on mortality rates of cancer among the elderly in the US and the strategies that have been put in place to reduce the increasing cases of death. 

Theoretical Description

Cancer as a disease has an extensive impact on the United States’ society and globally as well. Statistics show that this disease will certainly occur in a larger group and provide a clear image of the huge effect it has to the society over time. The statistics at our disposal describe to us the way and number of people diagnosed, mortality rates, as well as a brief outline of the number of people diagnosed and living with the disease in the US. The statistics give the gender difference in relations to cancer cases occurrence, age limits, geographic location that will enable health agencies to strategize on how to mitigate the effects of cancer within the affected community.  

In the fight against this deadly disease, some strategies have been put in place. These strategies include; creating public awareness of the need to avoid practices that cause cancer, involving community organizations in sensitizing the society of the need to carry out frequent check-ups for diseases so that its effects can be controlled. It is also affirmative that US citizens take up the responsibility of creating communal organizations tasked at mitigating cancer, and its long effects to the community. 

Two sources provide extensively important services to any individual who wishes to know more about cancer, needs help, or wishes to offer assistance in the fight against cancer. These sources are the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER), which is an online platform of the cancer institute, and the American Cancer Society. SEER, as stated, is an online platform, which offers cancer-related resources. The resources that the organization offers online include; information on some causes of cancer, how lifestyle change can make one avoid contracting cancer, access to loan facilities that will fund cancer patients’ treatment, and a counseling platform which gives hope to individuals who have been diagnosed and are living with cancer (American-Cancer-Society, 2016). 

The platform avails information 24 hours a day and is estimated to serve at least 50,000 Americans a day. The online platform also provides an elaborate statistical portal, a portal that provides statistics on efforts done to control cancer as part of the long-term strategy of reducing the US burden brought about by cancer. Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results are given support by Surveillance Research Program, a nationwide program that gives guidance on cancer surveillance and leadership. SEER also gives procedural expertise in obtaining, analyzing, and interpreting, distributing reliable population-based cancer statistic. 

The American Cancer Society (ASC) is another source, it is a source that describes some of the roles that the US government and have achieved in the fight against cancer. In a telephone interview with the deputy chief medical officer Dr. Len’s Blog, I learned that ASC is a nationwide health organization in the US that has dedicated its operations in not only controlling cases of cancer deaths but also providing a way, which the disease can be eliminated. Dr. Blog mentioned that the society serves eleven divisions, with the help of medical officers and other day care service volunteers who add up to 900. Its headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia’s American Cancer Society Center. ACS is open from 8 to 5 pm, 5 days a week. In addition, he says that the organization serves an approximate number of 2 million people in the United States. 

Dr. Blog also reiterated that the American Cancer Society has affiliate organizations, which offer various activities. For example, the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network has done a lot in the fight against cancer. It offers to fund for cancer research, and provides legislative regulations on the use of tobacco. The organization has also been able to provide good and widespread access to health care services for cancer patients who need to access important health care facilities. In the interview that was carried out, the organization’s operations manager argues that ACS’s main objective apart from providing regulations on the different ways in which cancer can be avoided is to set up policies, policies that ensure capital on cancer research and facilities is appropriately allocated. 

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Arguably, there are key aspects that we ought to consider when fighting cancer. First, an organization or individual assigned with the task of fighting cancer is required to have knowledge of the approximate number of people who need help. Secondly, strategies to mitigate cancer problems and its long-term effects on the society and globally must be set. Adequate resources must then be allocated; this will ensure that the set strategies in the fight against cancer are implemented, hence achieving results. 

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