Capitalism and Religion

Subject: Religion
Type: Compare and Contrast Essay
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Topics: Christianity, Capitalism, Freedom

How Capitalism and Religion Relate

The relationship between religion and capitalism is that capitalism, according to Max Weber, is a religion on its own. Capitalism invokes in people torment, anxieties and disturbances that are same elements observed in religion (Racy, 2016). On the other hand, the feature that connects religion and capitalism is that religions always present a specific way of overcoming one another. In this respect, religion is based on supremacy and dominance. For example, at the term of this discussion, Max Weber argued that capitalism was based on the Christianity as a religion that was trying to overcome Judaism (Sung, 2014). In the same way, the characteristics are present in capitalism whereby the ideology is tending to overcome a socialist approach to the economy and political development. Therefore, the relationship between capitalism and religion is that capitalism promotes blind beliefs, just like religion and on the other hand, discouraging critical thinking just like in religious beliefs, people should not question some beliefs. Religion, to a greater extent molds and also influences the social as well as political structures. Capitalism is the center of social influence and plays a more significant role in influence political structures through political economy (Racy, 2016). Blind belief has been integrated into capitalism whereby individuals have particularly unjustified respect for their executives, especially CEOs, the blind belief in a free market but in the real sense, being controlled by the corporate cartels.

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The structures and services within capitalism resemble those in religion (Sung, 2014). For one, an advertisement is meant to appeal to people subconscious needs and must be personally meaningful.  On the same note, religious texts are also supposed to be useful to the person. Shopping resembles a sacrament, whereby it has been transformed into a personally meaningful discourse. It resembles people’s expression to faith since products are ever getting better in the market. Through purchasing, the personal meaning is connected to the holy market and as such, an expression of faith in the system, just like religion lead people into pledging their allegiance into having belief in the ideology or doctrine.

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