Capitalist Economy

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According to Flint and Taylor (2011), the four important groups in the capitalist world economy are the minority, majority, bourgeoisie, and the proletariat. All these groups are related in one way or the other in moving the capitalist economy.

The bourgeoisie is a class in capitalist society which controls the means and methods of production. They own everything in the production and control the workers. They influence the economy for self-gain. All they do is to make workers produce at the minimal expense and sell for higher profits (Flint & Taylor, 2011). They own land and other tools for production. The bourgeoisie works with some agents of state to ensure that the workers do not achieve social mobility by climbing the social ladder. 

The proletariat is the workers who produce goods for the bourgeoisie (Flint & Taylor, 2011). They ensure the production continues through sweating and working longer hours. However, they do not enjoy the production because of the little pay that makes them beg all the time to afford the basics. Because of this state, they always strike and stage demos demanding for equal pay, a move that is thwarted by the state and the bourgeoisie. They are important in the capitalist economy because they provide labor. 

In the states, there are two groups, namely the majority and the minority (Flint & Taylor, 2011). At any given time, the majority forms the government and controls all other people. The majority drives the capitalist economy by deciding what is good for the minority. On the other hand, the minority is always dissatisfied with the majority, and the anger is spread on the streets through rioting and doing other things. The minority feels sidelined because they do not get their share from the central state, and this leads to the formation of the two states. 

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