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One of the key differences between the assumptions of the two theories is that the theory promoted by Neuman has identified a third environment which is recognized as the created environment and this aspect of the environment is developing in an unconscious manner by the human itself (Masters, 2015). For example in the case of Mr. Reynolds who is waiting to be placed in the rehabilitation center which is an external environment based solution, the patient can create an environment on his own by contacting his daughter and requesting her to allow him to live with her while she can take care of the patient or a nurse can be hired to look after him at his daughter’s place. Secondly, Roy promotes the idea of adapting to the changing environment that the nurse changes for the patient hence making it easier for the patient to adapt (, 2017). On the other hand, Newman promotes the idea that nurses have to enable the patient into believing that they can consciously alter as per the environment. A third difference therefore is that Roy promotes the idea that a patient’s wellness can be achieved if he adapts to the environment and Newman postulates that the patient’s wellness is dependent on him consciously change it or manipulate it. For example a nurse in Mr. Reynold’s case while following Roy’s theory would promote him to continue to wait for him to be placed with the rehabilitation facility and look positively at it. While, a nurse following Newman’s theory would promote the patient to look for an alternative environment such as hiring a home based nurse for him who will take care of his recovery.

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