Causes of Cancer

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Good health is entirely dependent on the type of food eaten, the balancing of diet and the amount consumed. I chose to draft a food journal made of food diary that I will adhere to, so as to ensure a happy, healthy life. This is to say that happiness is also constituted of good health which its primary source is a balanced diet that is based on a good selection of food to be consumed (Kubik, Martha, Leslie, and Jayne, Fulkerson, p. 494-500). My journal is divided into moralistic categories of food which include, healthy/unhealthy, good/bad, slimming/fattening and nutritious/indulgence. These were considerations before eating or drinking anything tangible in the day;

  • In the morning I began with lemon balm tea, this was to lift my spirit so as to be motivated to tackle day to day activities with a maximum concentration.
  • At lunch time, exactly at noon time avocado wraps and spicy chicken were my selection, this was because they were available and can be taken outdoors.
  • At night around 8:00 pm munch on magnesium was of great benefits cause it provides quality sleep and ease in waking up.

Culture can change or influence once perception since it can easily dictate the type of food to be consumed, it’s perceived that different culture has different lifestyle different preference in food selection.

The diet that helps me to cut down the body weight though not favorite but has helped me reduce my weight to a greater percentage. Currently, I feel so light, can do a lot of work before getting tired, am more flexible and more relaxed, this served me a great deal regarding class commitment and concentration.

This has made me feel so happy since I can do more work compared to the past days, work for many hours and participate in the extra curriculum activities.

The lesson learned from my parents were so many; these lessons are the reasons as to why I chose to sacrifice a lot of time in weight reduction. I invest time for weight reduction, lesson one I learned from them cause they were under the condition of obesity is, efficient performance in any field is based on the health of an individual, a healthy individual is productive compared to unhealthy person, Lesson two was that good health is also the primary source of stress-free that is immune from diseases such as ulcers.

Many citizens in America are not happy with their weight; This is because, it hinders them from doing many things, for instance, an individual suffering from obesity cannot play football the exact and perfect way as the person who likes a healthy weight. Therefore they will not be happy since they are living a lifestyle that they do not desire.

Many people are constant on a diet simply because having a balanced diet is very consequential in a life of every person; this will help strengthen the immune system of the body hence living a healthier life.

The causes of overweight which is always associated with reach family are because young children always don’t have enough time to exercise which makes a lot of energy be stored in the body in the form of fats.     

Ethnicity refers to a particular group of people that share the same geographical area, region, culture, or language. And in the United States of America, they are classified into two ethnic groups that are either Hispano or Latino. The both groups have recently recorded a higher rate of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular risk compare to the whites.

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Cancer as one of the vital diseases can be mitigated by application of various steps or procedures; this method includes avoidance of using tobacco, having healthy diet always, avoiding too much sun exposure, and getting an immunization (Stang, p 13-32).Also by doing regular cancer screening to be sure.

Health behavior that can be used to prevent cancer is by eating plenty of fruits, limit processed meat, and now singling out processed meat is very consequential. This proved by the international agency for research on cancer; they discovered that too much consumption of meat always stimulates the duplication of cells in the body that will automatically lead to obesity. And this will make it hard to maintain a healthy body weight hence to be real active would be very hard. Instead of using so much meat I will substitute it with other foods such as grains vegetables and eggs.

One of my family members had cancer my father in particular and the experience therein was not pleasing; this affected the entire family since had to consider the meal to be used daily so as to fit him into our everyday life. If affected with cancer will only change my lifestyle based on diet (Beaver, Kevin M., et al, p 141-152) and minimize the time I expose myself to the sun, and the most important thing that I will do is to accept and live a healthy life.

Eating of the junk food that is full of cholesterol is what I need to avoid since this can trigger the cells to develop in an abnormal way, and finally always go for screening to ensure that I eliminate cancer in early stages.

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