Challenges of psychosis



Psychosis is a mental illness that requires proper care because it can lead to hazardous repercussions when not attended to by effective treatment. The role of psychologists and therapists in finding a cure or preventive measures is imperative to the patient and the community as well. Their commitment is the primary key to finding a solution to the menace.

Describe your beliefs about what degree of coercion/force should be used to get people with psychotic illnesses into treatment. Use the ‘schizophrenia’ videos from this week to support your discussion.

A psychologist should be the best option for advising the mentally disturbed individual. He should use the best convincing techniques to make the patient understand that it is never the worst experience and that she should confront the illness with much zeal to belong to the people without the mental illness. A therapist and a psychiatrist should conduct the pivotal role of convincing a psychopath to use the medicine prescribed to him or her since it is the only way of making sure the disease is contained. They should also help the patient understand his or her worth as a person not to give up because of the mental disease.  Mentally ill individuals should be encouraged to share out thoughts and frequently talked to by the friends For example, it boost the self-esteem tof mentally ill patients (David Kingdon, & Douglas Turkington 2017). Loneliness is a disease itself and through a person’s mind being occupied, it can aid in helping himor herto recover from mental illness. A psychiatrist should relay the negative repercussions that a mentally ill person will face when she does not control her anger

What are the essential elements that you think can lead to recovery for people dealing with schizophrenia?

A personwho hasschizophrenia should have total belief that he will recover from it. Through the optimism, the patient’s hopelessness will be null making the mental strength towards recovery great.He or she should use the ABC model in aiding the patient in organizing the confusing experiences by applying several questions(Center for Practice Innovations > Consumers > Symptom Management”, 2017). For instance, how he feels about the emotional stress? What he believes can help him or her achieve the recovery? The goals for the process of therapeutic should be achievable to find the solutions to the mental illness. Normalization, the patient believes that the metal stress he is experiencing can occur to anyone. The process will make the patient haveself-belief thus intensifies road to recovery (Gray S, 2011).Trust is another element that must exist for the full recovery of the patient to be successful. A therapist must develop a rapport with the patients to accelerate the recovery.

Aside from the illness itself, what are some of the co-occurring challenges faced by people with psychotic disorders? What can we do as a social worker? What would that take?

The temperamental aspect of a patient can cause emotional torture to their relations since their acts might have bitter repercussion such as death. Moreover, the wrong procedure that patients use in taking their medicine can cause a different disorder termed as disillusionment. As social workers we should counsel the mentally disturbed individuals to enable them to have self- belief (“The Role of Social Work in Mental Health | Canadian Association of Social Workers,” 2017). We should also work in close collaboration with the community centers which are involved in taking care of mentally ill individuals so that either financially or emotionally. Social workers should also research on the pivotal factors, which are embroiled in mental illness to find lasting solutions to the disease. The rules would require the mental worker to be committed and be ready to be called for duty any time. A Financial implication is also expected in taking care of the logistics.

The disease can be contained through the commitment of the therapists and the patients themselves. The counselor’s mandate should cover all the factors involved in solving the menace of the mental illness. All the factors when placed into proper consideration play a pivotal role in helping the mentally ill individuals.

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