Christian Heritage

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The standing image of California as a Christian heritage center remains conspicuous through divergent avenues. The Christian organizational feat and monumental spirit in mainstreaming and establishing California’s foundation has never been overlooked (Marriott 51). California as part of Los Angeles previously had the seal endowed with Pomona famously known for being the Roman goddess. Consequently, the seal had a tiny cross and other features with religious significance. The revised seal; however, has an image of San Gabriel arcangel founded in 1771, which has consistently been challenged for violating the constitution. California’s heritage spreads beyond the seal to physical features and natural landscapes that have earned different names. Santa Maria, San Jose, Santa Ana, and San Joaquin, which constitute the elementary part of Jesus family is a name to different people, hospitals, mountains, and valleys.

Obviously, Christianity effect has continued to gain momentum with different ideas giving way to more modern needs. The good intentions and desire to offer grace in education among disadvantaged people has led to institutionalization of churches as well as other important organizations. California has 191 mega churches and a significant number of other Christian denominations. For instance, many bible colleges have been transformed to universities while others becoming colleges (Agadjanian 43). Vanguard University affiliated to Assemblies of God and previously a California bible school has remained elementary in fronting eligible and qualified students with good morals. The Christian effect is similarly achieved from the Concordia University Irvine, the Master’s University, Fresno Pacific University, Biola University, and the Simpson University all endowed with a Christian culture.

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