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The word “Christology” derived from two Greek words meaning “Christ, or rather Messiah,” and “word,” which when combined mean “the study of Christ.” According to the Oxford Dictionary, Christology is the branch of Christian theology relating to the person, nature, and role of the Christ. Thus, it is the study of the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Through this study, there are numerous vital questions answered concerning the life of Jesus Christ (Gordon, 2014).

According to Bornkamm (2015), the strength of Christians’ lives and faith in their religion depends on how Christ is understood. Therefore, understanding of Jesus Christ is crucial to Christian salvation.  Various religions and cults across the world claim to believe in Jesus Christ. At the same time, they do not subscribe to Jesus Christ representation in the Bible creating contradictions. Therefore, this study clarifies how Jesus can be God and the same time be a man. Christology asserts Jesus had to be a man so that He could die – and had to be God so that His death would pay for human sinning (Smith, 2016).

Exploring Christology has its impact on the health of the church. Being the center of a lot of critical issues that are happening or may be anticipated by Christians this study, therefore, acts as a prodigious remedy. The church regularly has to be transformed into both the written and living Word of God (Hengel, 2015). In each age, there are characteristics of the church renewed. Moreover, solutions for the all unhealthy habit of thought and practice incorporated into Christianity beliefs put in order by the wisdom provided in Christology study. (Christopher, 2011).   

The understanding of God’s way must never be stagnant for Christian believers but, at the same time Jesus is the same all the time, and the scripture is unchanging. This study believes that religious concepts, human reflection on God and his word renewed regularly. For believers to be in a point to follow Christ in their lives anytime anywhere and understand what it means for them to be in Gods church in any moment is shaped by the in-depth study of Christ teachings (Smith, 2016).

Christology study has been an essential aid for believers of Christ and Gods glory. In the course studying Christ’s doctrine to know who he was, it is factual that the teachings are a link to the heart of God. Hearing wisdom of Christ and worshiping by honoring the holy trinity father, son and the holy spirit it is a symbol of participating in the very life of God. Reason being, the teaching of Christ indicates that Jesus is the only way to eternal life and the right relationship with God so, knowing and worshiping the genuine Christ is equal to paramount salvation (Gordon, 2014).   

All in all, who Jesus Christ is a perennial question which Christians of all ages are called to address since Christ is the embodiment of the secret of God in the world. Although, the notions of Christology study proving the preexistence of Jesus, believers can have something to embrace on as a proof to the credibility of the bible and the Lord Jesus. Consequently, Christ believer’s salvation depends on a sound biblical understudying of the person Jesus but claiming to know Christ while do not genuinely believes in Jesus as presented by the bible deprives believer’s their salvation.

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