The opportunities in the clinical versus management tracks

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The current health care system in the United States seeks to employ more nursing professionals who can meet the growing demand for quality care. Advancement opportunities are different for the various nursing professionals in the healthcare system today. A BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) has greater opportunities in the clinical and management platforms that any other nursing professional. The clinical and management tracks have significant similarities and differences relating to opportunities for BSNs with advanced patient care knowledge among other skills needed in improving patient outcomes.

Advancement Opportunities for A BSN

A BSN has greater opportunity for advancement in terms of career, prospects for job mobility and higher professional earnings. A BSN degree allows registered nurses to advance their career options in nursing specialties such as pediatrics, case management, and forensics. The specialties allow A BSN to explore a particular interest rather than the general nursing practice (Boivin & Phillips, 2013). In addition, management positions are available for BSNs where they can become assistant unit managers and advance to head nurse or unit manager. Another advancement option for a BSN is the clinical platforms. The clinical route offers a BSN an opportunity to become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), but it necessitates pursuit of advanced education. Alternatively, teaching positions in the educational field are available for BSNs with years of experience in various healthcare settings and postgraduate degrees (Kelly, 2009). Nonetheless, the opportunities in the clinical and management tracks have noteworthy similarities and differences.

Opportunities in the Clinical and Management Tracts

Clinical and management tracks enhance the skills as well as educational capabilities of the nurses.  Professionals in the nursing industry have a broadened view of the industry, which enhances their capacity to make advancement decisions in the nursing profession (Kelly, 2009). However, the clinical track has greater opportunities for advancement for nurses than the management tracks. A BSN can attain an APRN designation or staff nurse in a healthcare facility upon deciding to take clinical route. A registered nurse can pursue higher education, seek management positions, and consider teaching positions in the education sector. Contrastingly, a management track offers BSNs limited options in healthcare settings that require managers with extensive knowledge (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). In addition, BSNs can establish their ambulatory, chronic, nursing care, consultancy, or insurance firms if they decide to use management route.

Personal Track

I will pursue a clinical track in which I have greater opportunities for advancing my career in nursing and educational prospects due to the dynamic nature of the nursing care. I will target nursing facilities and seek higher positions in the management. Remarkably, I will have an opportunity for furthering my education, which will offer broader knowledge as well as chances for advancement.


BSNs have high chances of advancing in the nursing profession. The professionals can choose clinical or management tracks guided by the various opportunities available in the two routes. Nonetheless, the clinical track has clear and better opportunities for advancement in nursing profession than management track. Nurses look for a platform where they can earn well and further their education to attain more knowledge.

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