Cognitive Therapy

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Topics: Cognitive Psychology, Emotions

The cognitive process deals with the processing of in formation in the brain of a person. The cognitive processes mainly consist of recognition of information, remembering, reasoning, problem-solving, planning, and thinking. The humanmind performs this process through processes like imagery and symbols (Wells, 2013). According to arguments of psychologists, cognitive therapy always aids people in going through their life challenges and assuming the normal life style. The cognitive part of a person acts as the driving force that tends to be define all the operations coupled with the belief of an individual. 

Cognitive therapy aids an individual in dealing with their thought patterns regarding to problems that they face (Beck, Davis, & Freeman, 2015). For example, people who get heartbreaks in marriages often face great problems trying to stay alone and forget about the marriage life that they have been enjoying in the past. This often occurs when one party is not ready for the divorce and it comes as a surprise. The trauma that these people face can only be cured by undertaking cognitive therapy, as it will aid an individual in understanding their situation and acting towards the solution of their problem. The emotions of an individual surrounding their problems will be among the things that the cognitive therapy will be taking care of because better understanding of the emotions of the affected victim will give more insights on the various treatments.

The actions of a person before, during as well as after depression are some of the things that will enable someone the root of a particular the problem. Depressed people often face numerous challenges that sometimes reduce their ability to recover (Gerrig,et al., 2015). 

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