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Question 1

A healthy community is a set of individuals who are actively involved in the achievement of a common goal. This implies that people participate in various activities within the society that lead to the lifestyle of their dream. This is because people are involved in positive thinking of different ways that enhance their wellbeing. Some of the examples that indicate a community is healthy to include, quality education which is reinforced by the people living in a given area. This means that a zone occupied by individuals of high academic qualifications will also promote better residing in the society (Irniq, 2009). This is due to the reason that these people have high chances of getting absorbed in well-paying jobs which in turn promote the development activities of the society. A society that has many employment opportunities is also a definition of a healthy community. This is because it provides jobs for several individuals and thus no idleness in society. Additionally, a healthy home is also another feature that contributes to the wellbeing of a community.  Houses that have well-maintained hygiene and sanitation have fewer chances of contracting many illnesses that are associated with dirty environments.

A place that has adequate and high-quality transportation is also an actual description of a healthy community. This is because there is an ease in communication and thus accessibility of other services becomes very efficient. All healthy communities have proved to possess valuable services that facilitate excellent progress of other activities among its individuals. They also encourage other members of society to exercise healthy dietary tips so that they can eliminate complications associated with poor combinations of foods.

Question 2

The American geography has various navigable ways of intercostal waterways. The Midwest America has the largest contiguous portions of farmland across the world. The US Atlantic Ocean forms the largest major port in the west compared to any other country on the globe.  There is also enough capital, food surpluses ad also solid insulations is in excess and thus cannot be compared to any other state. These geographical maps are influenced by the fact that the US has more powers than any other nation. This implies that the quality of several of various products is extremely high and thus granting it more competition over others. Additionally, the US is considered to be the only superpower country having dominated both the economy and politics of the entire world (Parker, 2007). Besides, it also demonstrated that the health care facilities within its country are of high quality and thus enhance efficient services to patients. The phenomenological of my community is a social-based group consisting of various individuals from different backgrounds. It shares various beliefs within the society that have led to the formation of healthy relationships. These have also enabled the community to be very successful in its local’s based developmental activities.

For nurses providing health care services to the same communities, it is usually very easy for them to identify the common trend in society. This, therefore, means that obtaining evidence for such individuals is very easy and thus promotes the effectiveness of their services. However, handling different communities become very hard since they have unique practices and thus it’s hard to speculate the cause of a particular illness.

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