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Assessment of the current company profile

Delta is an organization, started in 1998, and has retained many of its employees. Due to this diversity has become an issue for many years; nevertheless, a company analysis directed at this matter has not been completed for some years. Managers and workers of the organization are much dedicated to their job and this is one of the factors that have improved the profile of the company. They put in long hours and further sacrifice their precious time to get the company off the ground.

Current or potential diversity issues 

One of the central things to know when putting together a diverse work environment is the staff that you have (Pitcher, 2012). By its profile, Delta Corporation has ten white males in its employ with Joseph Dana who rather began the company being the eleventh; it has one two ladies and one being African American. Minorities have a perceptive understanding of race affairs. Many black people at some point feel that the black community has earned the right of expression when it comes to diversity. Additionally, I also find it hard to have a diverse work program with a vague group. If Delta Corporation Company really needed more blacks on its employees, it could recruit from factually black colleges, and if it wanted more females in its payroll, then it would be prudent to become more acquainted with the ‘dean of women’ at any community college (Hailey, 1999). While the positions at Delta Corporation have some high-profile limits for both sexes, the balance of representation is firmly crippled. If the balance of representation in Delta Corporation is vague in the sense that, there is no clear identification of a varied workplace, HR can take the blame, and this is in spite of the fact there is an African American female who has preeminence in place. 

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Evaluate why diversity is an issue

Firstly, there is always a big difference in why diversity matters and diversity itself (Booth, 2004). Women directors – at times – say that they are strongminded. They, apparently, consider themselves as being equipped and energized to sacrifice essential aspects of their life just to ascend to the top level of management as observed by Hailey (1999). However, many often fear that the culture of their organizations may not back up their ascension. Delta Corporation like most organizations or businesses is concerned in the advancement of women and minority in the workstation. Racism, prejudice, and discrimination exist. And when such issues are present in the work environment, several unforeseen conflicts will definitely arise (Pitcher, 2012). If this happens in the company, workers start to question not only their own safety and future but those around them since cases of this nature can become violent. It is important that we offer a diverse work environment and comprise appropriate diversity training to perhaps eradicate strange occurrences from happening. Diversity training should actually be a must in Delta Corporation, and we should explore and recognize why these things happen.  

Create a strategy for recruiting a competent and diverse workforce for your Company

Diversity in any company brings together people of varied talents, skills, perspectives, and experiences, considerably expanding a group’s capabilities and adopting innovation by increasing entrance to new ideas (Hailey, 1999). To create a strategy for employing a diverse and competent workforce in Delta Corporation Company, I will recruit many workers from different races and ethnicities all over the region. I will contact ethnic clubs on college campuses to find good employees (Booth, 2004). I will also train and educate many people keeping in mind that it would not be possible to hire the strongest candidates with the right skills and experiences. Lastly, I will mentor them as this is a way of cultivating diverse talent. I will also pair up people. As the HR, I will also advertise jobs broadly (Booth, 2004). 

Compare your company to Johnson & Johnson Company illustrating its growth potential

Although the two companies have apparently done well in their growth in the market, Johnson & Johnson Company has widely grown compared to Delta Corporation Company. Johnson & Johnson Company compared to Delta Corporation Company is one of the largest healthcare businesses with a market cap of over $280 billion. Delta Corporation Company has not yet grown to this level, but it has the potential to do well in the market that can lead it to a better growth. 

Similarly, unlike Johnson & Johnson Company whose workforce is dominated by whites, Delta Corporation Company’s workforce is highly diverse. It contains both whites and blacks, young and old, and experienced and fresh graduates. Apparently, since the company’s workforce are between 23 and 59 years, the company can benefit from the experience and fresh ideas that the old and young will bring to the company. The employees also bring miscellaneous viewpoints that will enhance the company’s decision-making ability and increase its chances of growing in rapidly in the increasingly dynamic and competitive corporate environment. Delta Corporation is, thus, likely to grow and surpass Johnson & Johnson Company’s current growth. 

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