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Across the world, there is craving need by the people to pursue and establish better human relations in a wider democratic space. However, realization of this has been a major challenge due to intensive threats to security. As a result, various police departments have been setup by law enforcement agencies in US to curb the act of violating law and to ensure public order and security. Given the sensitivity attached to the institutions, police administrations are charged with the principal role of making appropriate decisions that would effectively serve the public. Based on the need, police departments have embraced the use of ration decision making systems that enhances efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. Compstat  model is one of the fundamental tools that are widely used by the LE agencies as police management model within US police departments. This paper therefore seeks to establish the effectiveness of Compstat and to ascertain whether the use of the model is an effective strategy that can serve in all  jurisdictions.

According to Chilvers & Weatherburn  (2004), compstat is one of the vastly effective  management tool  used by police departments to manage crime and the quality of life in America. Consistently, the submission of Grossmann & Schimek & Sint (2004) confirms that compstat model is a law enforcement tool that means computer statistics that deals with crime. The submission further explains that the model was first used by New York Police Department in 1990s when a need to accurately  and timely track crime arose. To establish the effectiveness of the model , this paper examines the underlying principles under which the strategic management tool is established. Most importantly, Pasha & Kroll  (2016) defines compstat as a goal oriented strategic management strategic tool that uses computer technology , managerial accountability as well as operational strategy to manage how police departments deliver crime control services.

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Firstly, compstat paradigm is established  on the principle that identifies police as a vital institution that can make a difference in the lives of US citizens or the public at large. It recognizes the fact that  police is the key driver of crime. Consistent with other principles that points at effective crime reduction as well as reduced life problems abatement. Also, the model lies on accountability as a vital indicator to performance (Walsh & Henry, 2008). Based on the  aforementioned principles , law enforcement agencies in US made a significant decision to run the departments using compstat model. Indeed we have seen a remarkable improvement in crime control and monitoring in US. This clearly indicates that  the strategy of compstat model is quite effective in providing detailed intelligence to operational commanders on a regular basis with the ultimate aim of  determining an appropriate crime fighting strategy.

To affirm the effectiveness of the strategy, it  important to outline the technology attached to the compstat as far as collection of  criminal data is concerned. Compstat is made up of a major database component  that keeps track of daily crime counts. According to the recent crime report from FBI’s UCR Index , various types of crimes such as murder, rape, burglary, robbery and cybercrime have been greatly reduced as a result of the model. This is because prior to the development of compstat, managers and executives within the police departments had difficulty in getting access to crime data since the process was manual and officers could prepare handwritten copies of crime report. Due to  the previously witnessed slow process, preparation of statistical reports and submission of crime report could only be done several months after the crime had occurred. A significant efficiency in data management has been attained since police departments deployed compstat strategy. Indeed it’s an effective strategy within the police force(Grossmann &  Schimek & Sint, 2004).

Moreover, latest researches have consistently depicted compstat as one of the most convenient practical management model that have gone a long way in helping the overall American police administrations to significantly increase the effectiveness as well as the efficiency in handling not only major crimes but also misconducts among the police themselves. According to the submission made by Walsh & Henry (2008), the use compstat model within the agencies explains the currently witnessed accurate and timely intelligence, rapid deployment of human resources within the police force, effective tactics used as well as the constant follow-up and assessment. This has helped greatly in providing a detailed intelligence to operational commanders on a regular basis so that they can determine an appropriate crime fighting strategy. Beyond reproach, the results obtained from the tool speak all. Therefore, the effectiveness of the model is left undoubted. 

Considering the state-of –the- arts and the underlying forward -looking management principles under which the model is established, it is undoubtedly certain that further implementation of compstat is set to mobilize the entire police agencies to effectively identify, analyze and provide appropriate and timely solutions to the problems related to public safety. Guided by the outline facts about compstat, it is certainly appropriate to draw a conclusion that the model is the most appropriate and effective police management tool that has kept the entire security agency in US ready for dynamic policing. The management capabilities attached to the compstat confirms that the model can serve in all jurisdictions.

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