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Seton Healthcare Family– The Seton Healthcare Family is a health care system that is faith based and not profit based. Seton Healthcare Family aims at expanding access to low-cost, high quality, and person-centered care and services. Seton belongs to Ascension, the largest Catholic health system in the world and the largest nonprofit system in America.

Texas Health Resources -The Texas Health Resources Center is a non-profit and faith-based health care delivery. It is among the largest in America and the largest in North Texas. Texas Health Resources mission is to improve the individual health of people in its area and partnering with the local communities for their well-being and health.

Solidarity HealthShare – The Solidarity HealthShare is a health facility in Texas that provides healthcare services to people in the region through time-tested Catholic Principles. The organization unites Christians to share the medical costs of the poor people. The ethical and affordable way to access medical services has made it possible for most people in the region to access healthcare.

Performance Assessment

Seton Healthcare Family– the Seton Healthcare Family has managed to eliminate preventable deaths and injuries through the ascension health guide. The healthcare facility delivers compassionate and personalized care to all people.

The facility has faced problems when implementing patient safety due to a low number of interventions, which has made it hard for the facility to deliver the safest care possible to its customers.

Solidarity HealthShare -The Solidarity HealthShare is a non-profit organization, which means that’s its first priority is to lower their costs for its members to make the healthcare services affordable. This has resulted in the healthcare facility reaching out to many people.

Despite the low costs of the Solidarity HealthShare, the costs requested by the organization through automatic billing affect the number of people accessing health services in the facility.

Texas Health Resources –The health facility has managed to provide care to many people through its compassion, integrity, and respect values, where the facility serves people with sensitivity and concern, especially the poor. 

The Texas Health Resources has struggled with its IT system, which has made it difficult for the facility to provide health care services to many people as desired.

Gap Analysis

Seton Healthcare Family should have performance priorities related to perceptions of consumers that should be improved to have a competitive edge. For instance, the healthcare facility should have to accept all cultures in the organizations. In most cases, cultural issues make it hard for the provision of healthcare services. The facility should have a culture that would make the consumers view the hospital as a facility that can provide health care without cultural biases.

The hospital can also develop a sense of urgency when providing health care services to different people at the hospital. A sense of urgency would result in the facility providing healthcare services to the clients in a faster and improved way, which can result in more people coming to the health care provider.

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The Seton Healthcare Family should also develop a vision and strategy that should focus on improving the services given to the communities. The vision and strategy would be to provide care to the needing people without considering their financial status. This would make it possible for more people in the region to access the healthcare services that they need. This would motivate the working staff of the facility towards achieving the objectives of the healthcare family of healthcare provision to more people.

QI Recommendations

Seton Healthcare Family should have an organizational culture that supports change. Having the will to change to adapt all cultures in the hospital is critical.  The management should, however, understand the complacent that comes with such changes.

The healthcare family should also have a shared vision with the physicians and staff that should look towards improving, supporting, and promoting ways to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care. A shared vision should fit into the new direction of the facility towards developing a sense of urgency.

Another recommendation for the Seton Healthcare Family would be to develop a readiness to a change. Changing the current performance of the organization should require everybody at the organization to be ready to change.

Role of Nursing Administrator

In terms of changing the culture, the nursing administrator should make sure that both the staff and physicians are comfortable with the change (Valente & Pumpuang, 2007). The nursing administrator should develop a practice of change that can help in promoting and supporting changes in the organization.

The nursing administrator can communicate changes to the staff at the hospital before implementing them (Levin 2010). This can be done by developing a plan that would indicate the new vision of the hospital before launching the transformative change.

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Implementing the new changes would require the nursing administrator to identify and empower the healthcare facility staff (Williams et al. 2012). The reason behind this is that the changes require people who can lead others and who have committed objectives.

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