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In the community where I live, there are different designs that people use to deter crime among other purposes.  The people use design structures that serve as visible indicators of public and private routes. The structures discourage intruders from accessing private premises. They minimize crime risks by eliciting in an intruder a perception of a risk that is not acceptable when trying to access private premises that indicate the person as a possible trespasser. The structures include the establishment of entrances as well as exits, use of fences, and designs that control traffic flow.

Moreover, the people use design aspects that enhance the visibility of properties. The aspects enable individuals to see people in the vicinity, hence avoiding problems. The features also make it possible for one to view external activities from neighboring buildings. In this case, the property owners use special lighting, garage layouts, windows, stairways, among other special designs to enhance the visibility. Another way that the people prevent crime is through territorial reinforcements. They use designs that allow for a clear indication of public and private structures of property. Territorial reinforcement enhances a sense of ownership. With such a sense ownership a person will be ready and willing to guard his or her environment or space. The ownership, however, does not have to be legal. It can be a professed ownership, like the one which workers perceive for their workplace. One can enhance territorial reinforcement via organized inspections as well as maintenance activities.

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Who should be involved in a CPTED project and why?

There is no one person or group alone that can successfully implement the CPTED project.  The project requires the input from different people such as environmental designers, land managers, community watch groups, and the law enforcement groups (such as the police). Each group has a unique role to play. The collaboration of the groups is essential for the establishment of an environment that discourages crime. The collaboration will also ensure a friendly and secure environment where people are willing to live and play their part in ensuring its security. It is also important for the groups to involve construction managers, city planners and the like to ensure that they effectively complete the project (Krehnke, 2015). 

Why is land development and land use important to physical and informational security?

Land use and land development determine accessibility of property by intruders as well as other people. If one develops land in a way that deters trespassers, he enhances the security of the property and everything in it. Special structures such as fences, entrances, and exits are helpful in preventing crime as they enhance physical security. Enhanced physical security ensures informational security as intruders will not be able to access sensitive information from a home or business premises physically (Queensland Government, 2015). 

How does landscaping prevent crime?

Good landscaping enhances visibility. Security and visibility go hand in hand. Again, visibility is the key factor in preventing crimes in residential areas.  The main concern of Intruders and thieves is the owner of a residence not seeing them. Therefore, if one does not carefully choose where to plant trees and shrubs in his or her home, there is a possibility that the intruders will have an easy way to his or her home. Hence, one should meticulously choose where to position large shrubs and trees as well as other landscape structures to ensure that they do not compromise visibility (Queensland Government, 2015). 

Why is it important to focus on access control for people with disabilities? How does this aid in the prevention of crime?

In various countries including the US, there are strict rules that owners of buildings have to adhere to ensure that the buildings are accessible to people with disabilities. The rules, however, are a significant challenge to security professionals in ensuring that there is full compliance and at the same time the building is free from crimes. Hence, it is of paramount importance to focus on access controls of disabled people that will enhance the security of the buildings as well as compliance with the applicable laws on people with disability.  The move will ensure that compliance with the rules on people with the disability does not compromise the security of the buildings (Queensland Government, 2015). 

In a conclusion statement, do you think your community is doing enough to prevent crime? Why or Why not?

In sum, my community is trying as much as possible to prevent crime. The people comply with various CPTED specifications, as well as other applicable guidelines. They use landscaping as well as other methods to prevent crime. The practice is common in business and residential areas.  

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