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Data breaches today

In the last decade, data and information has become a very critical part of running any organization. Data protection has therefore become very important in the operations of any organization. Today, various types of breaches have occurred in different areas. Some of the key areas in which data has been infiltrated include the retail sector, the banking, Equifax, and social media. In May 2014, e-bay which is a major online retail company was a victim of data breach. An attack on their systems exposed private information such as the names, addresses, data of birth and passwords of their customers were exposed (Walters, 2014). The attacker lasted for a period of 229 days, a period during which the activities at the company went down.

On the 29th of May 2017, Equifax which is a large credit Bureau in the United States became a victim of data breach. Private information of the subscribers including their social security numbers, addresses, and their driver’s licenses numbers were exposed. More than 143 million users were affected by the breach. Another case of data breach was the attack on JP Morgan which occurred in July 2014. A total of 76 million people and 7 million businesses were affected. Crucial private information on the customers was exposed (Walters, 2014). Other data breaches that have occurred in the last 10 years include the attack on the US OPM office, data breach at Sony Productions where data on films was stolen and shared on the internet, the attack on Yahoo, and Adult Friend Finder, among others. In all these scenarios, hackers accessed private information from the companies.

Counter technologies to cybercrimes

There are number of technologies that can be put in place to counter cybercrime. First, organizations can ensure that their systems are fully protected through the installation of the necessary security features. Antivirus programs, firewalls and antimalware programs can help reduce the level of vulnerability (Lavorgna, 2015). Second, system administrators can blacklist and whitelist some of the websites that are considered to be very dangerous. Third, when working with mobile devices, Mobile Device Management can help to reduce the level of vulnerability. The technology allows mobile devices admins to remotely manage their devices and set various security features in place (Lavorgna, 2015). Fourth, sandbox technology can also be used to provide an environment that is secure for data operators.

Cyber-crime techniques and applications used today cyber criminals

Today, cyber criminals have become more sophisticated in regard to the techniques and applications that they use to attack various systems. They are able to develop malware which are then used to infiltrate various systems (Janczewski, 2007). Some of the malware is used to corrupt files, spy on the passwords, hijack browsers, put up pop up advertisements, and even infringe the operations of a computer device. Other techniques used by cyber criminals include ransom wares which are used to lock a system and only allow them to be unlocked a ransom has been paid up (Janczewski, 2007). A technique called parameter tampering occurs when the original parameters of the URL of a webpage are altered. When this occurs, it becomes almost impossible to access the webpage.

Artificial intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has emerged as one the most effective techniques in countering cybercrimes. It helps to increase the computing power and data collection in various systems used by organizations. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), various exploits and weaknesses that exist in the system can be identified and based on the outcome of their analysis, proper mitigation measures can be put in place (Dilek, Çakır, & Aydın, 2015). Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to alert the human users when there is need to take action when attacks occur. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to alleviate the burden that is carried by human operators, who may have limited capabilities and knowledge (Dilek, Çakır, & Aydın, 2015). It therefore becomes possible to properly manage time and skills to the management of the security of the system.

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