Deparmental Supervisory Skills


The management of a department in an organization plays a very important role in initiating change or turnovers in the specific department. This is normally achieved through initiatives which include short-term and long-term goals. These initiatives should involve all the divisions of the department and the management of the organization as it cannot be achieved through personal efforts only. This paper will address the various initiatives an incoming vice president of Toyota quality control department which is facing low departmental morale and pressure to each division to perform. As a VP of the department was required to ensure there is turnover in the organization through various strategies which could include short and long-term goals, training and cooperation with other departments.

The first initiative which involves developing long term and short term goals of 2 – 10 years and one year respectively. The goals should have the following traits: relevant, time-bound and attainable (Leonard & Trusty, 2015). The first long-term goal would involve introducing awards and recognition to employees who have served most in the department, for example, those who have served for five years. These would assist to boost the morale of employees, zealousness and develop loyalty to the department (Leonard & Trusty, 2015). 

Another long-term strategy could be developing a rotation of managers to various divisions.  This would be achieved through having managers working in one division for more than two years. This would encourage teamwork and at the same time sharing of skills and challenges in different divisions. 

For the short-term strategies, some of the appropriate goals would be offering frequent treats and recreation activities to the staff to provide bond and teamwork. Some of the activities could include departmental parties and trips outside of the normal duties in the department. This would greatly boost morale to the staff (Kang, Gatling, & Kim, 2015).

Another short-term strategy would be ensuring there is proper and efficient communication between the departmental staff and your office. This would be realized through frequent meetings with division managers and junior staff as well.

Another short-term strategy would be involving the division managers and other staff in decision making. Before concluding, it would be appropriate to consult the divisions concerned. After making the decisions, it would be appropriate to get feedback from the affected departments (Certo, 2015).

Apart from various goals, reorganization would also be necessary for achieving a turnover in Toyota quality control management department. One of the reorganizations would change in the management of the divisions in the department. The directors who have served in their division for quite a long time yet no performance should be reshuffled to other departments or even replaced.

This would also be applied to staff through changing the divisions of staff who have worked for a very long time in the same division. The effect would reduce boredom which occurs as a result of working in the same organization for quite a long time hence boosting morale.

Assistance from other departments would also be very necessary for realizing the change in the department. One of the most important department to work with would be the Human Resource (HR) department. It would facilitate employee training and assessment of skills and potentiality in carrying out their duties. The department would also assist in investigating the causes of low morale among the staff in the department and provide the possible recommendations since it is concerned with affairs and welfare of the staff. The supplies department is also important in the initiatives to ensure that all the facilities necessary for the staff to carry out their duties comfortably hence boosting their morale in work. The finance department should also provide support to the department through funding various activities which aim at improving the status of the department. Lastly, the management of the organization under the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), should provide full support of the initiative by approving the activities to be conducted by the department (Leonard & Trusty, 2015).

Frequent training would also be necessary for boosting the morale of the department. With the assistance from the HR department and the management of the organization, training to the departmental employees and all the employees, in general, could be facilitated to provide skills. The managers of various divisions should also undergo training to maximize productivity in their various divisions. This could be done through seminars and conferences (Certo, 2015).

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In an initiative to ensure turnover in the department, various challenges are likely to be encountered. Therefore through analysis should be done to identify the likely challenges. One of the ways of analyzing the likely challenges is looking at the records of the department and checking the challenges encountered before. Another way of doing analysis is through consulting staff who have worked for a longer period in the organization. One of the most likely challenges is the implementation of the desired goals since it requires involvement with other departments and approval from the management. Another likely to be convincing the management that the initiatives would work to get financial support.

The managers of the various divisions in the department play a very important role in the turnover, hence should portray certain traits. They should be committed to the initiative in ensuring turnover in the organization. They should also have an attribute of teamwork to ensure coordination of various divisions. They should be cooperative to the management and staff as well. These traits are necessary for the divisional director to ensure proper coordination of the departments and to achieve the goals set. The traits can be achieved through engaging the directors in training, workshops, seminars and even conferences (Kang et al., 2015).

In conclusion, to realize the turnover in the Toyota quality control department various changes must be effected by the department. This requires initiative from both the employees of the department and the management of the organization as well.

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