Diabetes in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Subject: Health Care
Type: Exploratory Essay
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Topics: Diabetes, Community, Disease, Health, Medicine, Nursing

Type II diabetes is a lifestyle disease that results from insulin resistance. (Temple & Burkitt, 2012). Notably, insulin resistance occurs due to the increased consumption of unhealthy food, lack of physical exercise, as well as being obese.  Several decades ago, lifestyle diseases were not prevalent among the Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. However, the adoption of western lifestyle and the heightened access to fast foods, soft drinks, and other processed foods has led to numerous cases of obesity. Notably, obesity is one of the risk factors associated with the development of Type II diabetes. Although diabetes is preventable, many Aboriginal people have abandoned their traditional lifestyles that involved the consumption of natural foods. 

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The Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory register an increased risk of developing Type II diabetes because they lack critical health information needed for the prevention of diseases. Social exclusion denies the Aboriginal people the access to quality healthcare services that would help in the prevention of Type II diabetes (Ferreira & Lang, 2006). They are less likely to utilize basic health care services that would help them promote positive health outcomes. As a result, a great percentage of the elderly people have become obese, increasing their risk of developing Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes occurs due to the cumulative effect of different lifestyle factors. These Aboriginal people lack the awareness of the cumulative effects of unhealthy eating and the lack of physical exercises. For this reason, they are more susceptible to developing Type II diabetes. 

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