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The Monalisa is one of the most famous paintings in the world (pic. 2.4 c 1503-05). Leonardo da Vinci portrays the subject sitting in an upright position on a chair. The chest and face of the subject is turned slightly to the viewer. The siting position of the subject is slightly tilted. The posture was derived from a pyramid image and aimed to capture the resemblance of a siting Madonna (EJ Lammer, 2005). Her right arm which rests on the arm of the chair, hang loosely and is clasped by the end of her left hand which crosses her front. This creates a sense of defiance and distance between the object and the spectator.

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Da vinci captures the light to the landscape behind the seated Monalisa in an aerial perspective. The background does not give a vanishing back ground but instead, reveals the imbalance between the hilly and rocky horizon on the right and the flat lands stretching to the left (EH Kim, 2005). The description of the paper gives a broader explanation to the existing skeptics that explain the relevance up of coming with perfect pictures that give ou a precise message. The Monalisa portrait creates an impression of serenity accompanied by an air of mystery. The serenity is achieved from the tonality, the color scheme and the harmony displayed by the almost defiant pose of the subject. Her seemingly half smile, the look in her eyes is sorrowful. Despite the fact that she lacks eye lids, her facial expression and the position of her hands display mystery of the object.

An artist refers to a person who engages on a broad spectrum in the creation, practicing and demonstration of art. The term artist is used to refer to musicians and writers and poets but it is in most cases restricted to visual art. A person who takes art as an occupation can hence be called an artist. Through thought out ideas, artist is capable of making an ordinary object seem extra-ordinary. They have a gift that allows their audience to see things on a different perspective (Duane Keiser, 2006). An example of such work that captures the audience is the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso, this work of art marks a radical break in the composition and painting perspective. It shows five women with flat and splintered faces inspired from the Iberian sculpture and masks that depict an African tradition. The figures inhabit a compressed space that possesses the characteristics of a pointed melon slice. At the bottom of the picture appears an impossibly upturned table top. Picasso aim to develop an aspect of cubism in his work when he was repainting this work.

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This monumental painting had been unveiled after a revision process that had taken several months (EW Myer 2000). The work tittle was a reference to the streets of Barcelona which were at that time famed or their brothels. Through a simple and almost normal painting, Picasso manages to communicate different messages his audience. The audience is accorded freedom to judge the painting and acquire their own conclusion on the possible lesson intentioned. The picture communicates the message that is supposed to be understood.

Art holds great value in our society. It is displayed in various places such as museums, stadiums, maintained parks and various forms of architecture (AL Delcher, 2000). Art can be defined as that which differentiates art from other skilled making. When referring to art, philosophers have found it necessary to distinguish it in to two aspects, content and form. Content is what the work of art is about while form is the external appearance of the work. Generally, art refers to the various ranges of activities that human beings engage in while expressing their imaginative skills.

Visual arts are some of the oldest forms of human communication; they include creation of images and both on the open field, writing and painting, sculpturing and print-making. The current term of visual art includes fine arts, applied and decorative arts. It was not always the same because the term artist was restricted to the people working on fine arts and not the crafts, applied art media and handicrafts. Emphasis on this distinction was made by artists of a movement that valued vernacular arts. Art schools were mandated to ensure that crafts-person were not considered as practitioners of Art (GG Sutton 2002). Paintings have been given priority in both the western art and Asia. This is depicted in chapter two where statures were destroyed in Iraq claiming that people were worshiping them.

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