Driverless Vehicles

Subject: Technology
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Topics: Automotive, Innovation, Self Driving Cars, Transportation

Driverless vehicles are some of the late technological inventions in the motor industry. The cars are made without steering wheels or pedals, where the Google Company has developed the required software that operates the vehicle. This has increased the public interests with essential benefits, though with some challenges that need attention. This study explores some of the potential benefits while pointing out some of the areas that would pose a threat that requires attention.

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One of the potential benefits includes safety, something that consumers and the government would appreciate. According to studies, most of the accidents on the road are caused by driver errors (Anderson, Nidhi, Stanley, Sorensen, Samaras and Oluwatola 2014, 12). For instance, over thirty-five thousand people die in America as a result of road accidents caused by careless driving. Driverless vehicles would also offer convenience and comfort. An individual would be driving as he or she plans for his or her business meeting. It also gives the driver the comfortable experiences while driving, as the driver is able to enjoy the adventure as opposed to when he or she is engaged in driving. Therefore, it is one of the best technological advancements in the motor industry worth celebrating.

On the other hand, there are other areas of concern worth considering. For instance, it would appear expensive to many people, who would want to have it, but unable to afford it. There is also a concern of job opportunities, as the drivers who have been working on big companies would be rendered jobless (Meinel 2014, 3110). Hackers would also be a greater threat when they get into the system and manipulate the Google map and tools used in driving the vehicle. This would affect its effectiveness and performance. Therefore, more attention should also be vested in these areas.

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