Dynamics of Bureaucracy


Citizens have the discretion of compelling the divisions of the government to reduce bureaucratic actions. The public would consider cutting government discretion especially if the state fails to portray bureaucratic accountability. It is critical for citizens to hold bureaucrats accountable to keep the government official in line to avoid cases where they could go astray such as engaging in affirmative action, unfavorable immigration policy, preferential hiring and uncontrolled government spending that does not serve the interest of the citizens. Every government entity including the executive, judiciary, and the legislature should be held accountable if the bureaucrats abuse the administration at the expense of the public. Besides, the President and the Congress lacks the willingness and ability to control administrative actions effectively (Milakovich & Gordon, 2007).

The cutbacks result in altered government performance in term of administrative efficiency whereby it fosters representative democracy, which entails legislatures making binding decisions. Secondly, the government would enhance its performance in serving its citizens by embracing participatory democracy in which citizens acquire the opportunity to contribute their ideas to government’s decisions. As a result, the government would enhance its accountability that serves the ultimate interest of the public. Further, the government will focus on scientific and technical reasoning that empowers the efforts of professional bureaucrats (Milakovich & Gordon, 2007).

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The bureaucracy of state and local government varies from that of the federal government as the constitution separates the power within the federalist system (Pohlman, H. (2004). According to statistics collected by Maxwell Crain and Santos (2014), the state and local bureaucracy supersede that of the national government as states have employed civilians twice as many as those hired at the federal level. The local governments have employed civilians six times as many workforces employed b the national government. Besides, the state and local government offer many direct public services and functions compared to the federal government. The variation exists because the state and local government have their own budgets that do not necessarily depend on the decisions made by the federal government (Singh, 2003).

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