Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

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Equal employment opportunity laws requires all person on age basis not to be excluded and be denied any kind of benefit regarding certain programs that give equal benefits as per the age discrimination Act of age 1975. The Title Vii of Civil rights act (CRA) of 1964 prohibits any form of discrimination and harassment based on sex, color race and religion in all employment firms or organizations. Equal pay act and Executive order 11141> requires all members to be part of the fair labor and not be discriminated based on sex while executive order prohibits sex biasness in employment based on age.  These laws are very consistent with time and era, since they have given equal rights based on sex, race, gender and religion, giving people a chance to succeed differently. 

To appreciate diversity and make sure it one does not avoid the talents others have is by using the talent other people have to educate those that don’t have and employing different people in an organizing based on color, religion, sex and ethnic background.  When such is done different gender, race and culture in a society and workplace will increase diversity as well as promoting different talents from each one since, members can learn from each other and not feel discriminated but rather feel appreciated.  Avoiding any type of stereotypes will lower favoritism and increase appreciation since members will not be specific and stereotype one another because they are talented in specific areas   instead, talent will be shared accordingly despite the differences in people. 

Minors are protected by law that states minors should not be treated as adults and the workings hours depends on age and school hours under the Fair Labor standards Act ( FLSA). This ensures that teenagers are protected and their rights are not violated whatsoever. Despite this laws are there, minors at workplaces should continue to be protected depending on age and proper monitoring of minors at different work places should still be implemented. This will reduce discrimination and any form of taking advantage to minors in terms of pay, sexual harassment and how safe the minor is when working in a certain environment. Expecting how safe a working environment is will make sure minors are working with all the requirements needed for the job and accidents can be reduce too. 

Discrimination is workplace or organizations can be the reason why an organization doesn’t succeed. While discrimination can be in form of sexual harassment, religion or race discrimination, as a manager it’s good to come up with ways that reduce such.  Coming up with a discrimination policy that requires all employees to review and become familiar with, will make them know the consequences.  Encouraging equality and cooperation by having diverse groups, who share different opinions will reduce any form of discrimination amongst work mates.  Creating report programs that will allow any member who feels discriminated to report any case to the Human resource management will ensure it’s resolved peacefully. 

Age Discrimination Act makes sure old people working are not denied their employee benefit plans due to their age. This ensures that age is not a factor as to why an employer can reduce the benefits of one due to age and these benefits must remain the same whether from a from employee or old.  If one feels discriminated based on age, the law allows claims and complaints to be files and listened to in the court of law. Equality in work places as other younger employees is protected under this law and once one is beyond the working age limit, retirement benefits are given as agreed. 

The first Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  included right to people with disabilities and these rights includes; independent movement amongst people without the idea that disable people don’t need to be amongst other people and also include the need for people with disabilities to be treated equally and live as normal people in the society. Today the ADA act is more improved and caters for the rights of the disabled to work and get all benefits that other people get. This include right to work anywhere if the condition is suitable, right for transportation since they have special transport to favor those with disability and other benefits. 

The equal Pay Act of 1963 is rather strict and is affecting managements to work accordingly since an individual may lack what it takes for the job but meets the favor of being protected by the benefits of the law which is unfair to the management.  This law should be revised based on the ability, qualifications and talent of a person since, equal pay means one if a secretary of a firm must be paid according to laws that favor secretaries despite maybe the secretary does not have the experience that are similar to the other secretary in the same organization.  Such incidences rather limit the way a management should conduct its payroll due to suppression. 

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