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While planning for an event, it is essential to consider the attributes that makeup “Anatomy of an Event” such as arrival time (Silvers, 2013). In this case, guests were expected to arrive at the garden 10 AM in the morning while the newlyweds were to arrive thirty minutes later after the guests had settled down at the venue. The organizer saw that by the guests arriving earlier than the newlyweds would save time in an endeavor to remain within schedule. Further, guests are reported to appreciate events that stay within the program and are highly opposed to attending activities that go beyond the plan of time. On this material day, there was optional luxury bus transportation service that fetched people from the church to the event venue. The same bus would transport the guests back to the church after the occasion. The organizers thought that in so doing, the guests would find delight in the kind gesture and it would make a good impression on the guests. On the other hand, those who felt like driving did so with absolute ease as there were directions on the collateral materials that organizers gave to guests. Further, the church location is not far off from the garden, and a few signs gave more directions to drivers on the road. As such, guests arrived with absolute ease as there were better and simple to read instructions (Silvers, 2013). Upon arriving, the organizers gave guests ample time as the parking was huge for everyone to park their vehicles quickly. At the same time, the parking was elaborately organized making entry and exist quite easy for the visitors. Upon parking guests were warmly welcomed by a welcoming entrance which decorated in the theme colors of the wedding; Cinnamon, Yellow, and Beige.

According to research, it is essential to be mindful of the goals of an event so that efforts might be focused to a single point. In this case, therefore, the primary purpose/goal of the event was to witness and celebrate the marriage between Jake and Cate our friends. Importantly, the program guiding the occasion was exceptionally precise and to the matter. As such, the event was marked with such a smooth transition of functions from one activity to another. From the arrival time, main speakers, eating time, music and conclusion, the event went on without much hick-ups which was quite impressive to the guests attending as there was no particular time when the visitors were not engaged in an activity within the program. The organizers seemed well prepared for the event with contingency plans available to sustain the going of the event. During the occasion, there was a little power outage which meant that the event was to stop and wait for power to be reconnected. Nonetheless, the organizers moved with speed and reconnected the power to an alternative source which kicked the event back into action without necessarily having to stop.

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Much of the success of the event was due to the efforts of the staff available on this specific day. The event had adequate trained staff from the entrance point who ushered visitors in with warm welcome showing them the necessary directions. Different professionals shared similar stage whereby each one was doing an independent task (Price, 2014). For instance, there was adequate security in the park and the event explicitly keeping everyone safe. There were many ushers as well passing material to the visitors in every seated raw. There were other technicians who handled the technical jobs such as filming, driving, lighting, and electricity among others. The coordination of these staff significantly improved the outcome of the event. At the same time, the family and friends volunteered considerably at the event offering every single assistance possible to make the event a success. Families provided not only physical support but also provided emotional one to the newlyweds which impacted correctly on the visitor’s impressions. 

The occasion qualifies as a unique and progressive experience in every manner. The location of the event was exceptional especially with the upgrade that the organizers had done on the venue. It was brightly colored with Cinnamon, Yellow and Beige themed colors. These bright colors made caught the visitors attention from the entry point to the site and surroundings. It was an unbelievable upscale on the place (Silvers, 2013). The sound system was as well balanced in the manner that it was not high nor low just conducive for the VIP ambiance that the organizers had created on the venue. The colorful event surpassed the expectations of the attendees more so in its organization. The smooth flow of activities and coordination of the parts making the event made it a stand out event. The organizer will feel that the staff was the main strength of the event as they all seemed to understand their jobs and worked to perfection.

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