Examine the relationship between the Macbeth’s heroic qualities and his downfall

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Macbeth presents a tragic hero since he was initially a good man who was brought down via the manipulation of his sisters and wife resulting in the emergence of his baser qualities. At the end of the book, Macbeth is involved in corruption resulting in his ultimate downfall. While Macbeth demonstrated unique and ideal societal qualities, influence from external parties resulted in his ultimate downfall.

To begin with, Macbeth presents a decent individual and loyal friend at the beginning of the play. As the Captain addresses the battle, he defines him as brave, crowning him “Valor’s minion” (I; 2: 18-21). Moreover, Duncan proceeds to praise his efforts classifying him as worthy and valiant (I; 2:26). He is also defined by his wife as a person who demonstrated kindness (I; 5: 17). It is imperative to note that he dismisses the plan to kill Duncan noting that it was not part of his ambition considering that he was his acquittance and kinsman (I; 7:34). Shakespeare empowers Macbeth with freewill resulting into manipulation through temptations and information from the people in his immediate environment. Based on his social status, he was anticipated to consider the disadvantages and advantages of his actions. However, his ambition conflicted with that of his wife and the witches leading to his ultimate downfall.

From the discussion, it is evident that Macbeth presents a tragic hero. He presents an individual from a wealthy and noble background, who is infected by his ambition. He resorts to committing a horrible act resulting in the decline of his status and respect in the society leaving the reader with horror and pity.

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