Exception of Hotel Care Takers in Murder That Takes Place in Privacy

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Concept: Security and Responsibility 

There is nothing more concerning to a hotel management team than murder in the hotel room. There is a case where a woman was killed in the Hotel room in Ontario and the killer ended up calling 911 to alert the police officers. There are many incidents that have occurred in hotels. In such occasions, the first-hand witness becomes the care takers of the rooms and other employees that are in the hospitality industry, who will be questions and become accountable even though they don’t have the access of the rooms when occupied. There some instances where madder is done then food and poison are planted there as destruction or drugs like viagra so as to distort the truth. In most cases, deaths that have been initially thought to be the way they were seen in the hotel room turned out to be different after the analysis of postmortem analysis (Cobanoglu and Cihan, 2016). The evidence that are used in the courts are in most of the cases inadequate due to limited access of the rooms when then they are filled up. The problem then comes in on how to vindicate the care takers who are the first suspect in the event the of mysteries deaths that are not uncommon in those rooms. This paper will dissect the problem an attempt to come up with solution. In the dissection of the problem one case study will be used. 

Case Study making the Concept

The most vivid event that is applicable to this paper is the killing that took place in San Diego where Jhordann Rust was alone in hotel and had been involved in a fracas with the boyfriend, she called her mother and then later over the phone she was heard crying in distress before the phone went off (Littlefield, 2016). In legal system and the investigative officers will take a swipe first on the care takers and the hotel management when they well understand there is privacy of the tenants of those rooms. No one is allowed to be inside the room other than those inside them. It is from this account that first witness become scapegoats in the cases that involve death or madder in the hotels. Even cameras cannot be placed in the rooms because of the same privacies. The murderers understand this technique and could go ahead and kill the victims then use every technique that will implicate the employees of the a given hotel.

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Research Findings

In most cases, as shown by a sociological research done by Cobanoglu and Cihan (2016) posits that killing approach that can easily implicate the employee is usually used where conspiracy theories can all be used. In the killing of the Jhordann Rust in a hotel room, the first accusation had been directed to the management team of the hotel. The mother who had the last call with the daughter even just before her death, could not tell who was responsible but she knew something was in a mess (Cobanoglu and Cihan, 2016). It is therefore important to develop a strategy that will provide some form of buffers to the caretakers and the management of the hotels from the accusation if the security system of the hotel is perfect from outside to the inside. Most of the deaths that have been occurring are all associated with love triangle or extraneous criminal activity that come to the revelation when one or two of the group die in the process. The cover up that are done mostly to conceal the madder are done in such a way that the hotel is held responsible for the death that occurs.  


In a research that was done by Philip (2008) it shows that human memory is reconstructive and it can easily buy the lies that are used in order to implicate the hotel employees. There is need of coming up with a measure that will give buffer to the management while making guests in the hotel secure. Such measures include biometric doors, CCTVs and taking a common room should be restricted to only people that can display documentation of knowing each other well without posing threat to each other. In this case, it will be easy to reduce the killing and cases that that are mistakably pushed to the employees. Inside the rooms, it is like they are in their homes with the all privacy that they need. It is therefore hard for the care takers to be responsible of safety once they are in the room. There are only remote cases where the care takers can be in the team that hutch a plan to kill or harm an individual. It is only in such cases that they should be culpable of the deeds.  

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