Facing Death

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It is vital to understand what death is all about. In verbatim, death is the cessation of all biological functions in human beings. Though death is considered as a sad and unpleasant occasion, it is an inevitable finality for all persons (Markette, n.d.). Out rightly, death leads to the termination of bondages between the deceased and the victims of the deceased. The victim of the dead may be the relatives, friends or any other person that enjoyed an affinity or relationship to the deceased. People fear death especially when one can clearly see that it is looming due to a current ailment such as cancer

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Death is considered as the greater equalizer in most religions. No amount of exercise, money, meditation practices can stop the event of death when it is bound to happen (Markette, n.d.). The finality nature of death, therefore, begs the question, how should we face death? People who have a long terminal illness such as cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, advanced HIV/AIDS usually face looming death from the day they are diagnosed with such ailments. In such a scenario, people face death either with fear or face death with nor fear and a feeling of contentment.

Living a life with threatening illness possess a challenge to many people and their relatives.  However, religions and specifically Christianity teaches us to that the challenges we face here on earth are preparations for a better life that awaits us in the afterlife. One should be able to make peace with himself or herself and wait to meet the horrible fate with ease. The question in contemplation now will how one can get such peace at his deathbed. 

In verbatim, peace is freedom from any form of disturbance and having tranquility in your endeavors. The Christian religion asserts that everyone needs to make peace with God so that they can be contented in challenging times and prospective times. The Bible in Romans 6;23 stipulates that “the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.” People suffering from chronic ailments should seek gratitude and favor from the Almighty and not fellow man. The relatives and friends of the sick victim also need to understand that whatever is happening is God’s will and that they should consent to God’s gift of eternal life. 

Also, one cope with various strategies that will help him or her endure the severe illness and challenging medical diagnoses. These strategies are all about facing the illness or diagnoses head on with no pretense (Jim, Richardson, Golden-Kreutz, & Andersen, 2006). They include occasionally visiting your physician, eating healthy meals, taking medications as prescribed, minimizing stress, spending time with supportive people, and seeking professional help from psychologists. As noted these strategies are centered on finding support and embracing a vibrant personality.

Individual personalities and dispositions have a significant effect on the scope and course of the victim’s terminal illness. Victims of such ailments are expected to be hopeful, peaceful, full of vigor, joyous among other positive elements (“If you are facing death”, n.d.). Positive personalities and dispositions will aid the victims have an ease and smoothen time at their deathbeds, and so is the contrary. In the Bible, Revelation 21;3-4, it is asserted that God will wipe the tears of His people and there will be no more death, sorrows, and crying for them. God assures us that death is not final, and there will be a change from the death state soon. Conclusively, though coping strategies and individual personalities/dispositions matter when facing death, knowing and having peace with God is the most significant aspect of making you contented. 

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