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In every society, there is a specific group that needs specific adaptation to the environment in which they reside as a result of their sickness conditions. The required adaptation does not come from those individuals who are sick, but rather the obligatory of those who surround and care for them to pay major attention when dealing with them, just like the way any natural individual who practices his life.  It is evident that the concern of dyslexia has been on the increase and there is need to pay attention towards the disease, since its spread in a large number of adults and children of the universe. Paying attention to dyslexia is crucial since its significance is also attributed through the uncertainty of this idea to several individuals in all social and cultural classes because the disease is one of the most disorders and debilities that are ambiguous.  The aim of this essay, therefore, is to explore and provide ten family different resources for the caregivers of dyslexia, to enable them to live a life of less harm and feel accepted in the society.

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Resource 1:  What you need to understand about Dyslexia

Dyslexia has been in existence for quite some time and it has been explained in various ways. It is crucial for the siblings, parents, relatives and the community at large to comprehend and recognize individuals with dyslexia disorder to understand their requirements and pay attention towards their needs. The source paper identified above provides the explanation about dyslexia and offers the fundamental information crucial to everyone who reads the article. The source defines dyslexia, significance symptoms and signs of dyslexia patients, the primary cause of dyslexia, various ways of supporting them, the strategic ways utilized in compensating them for the challenges they face, and how to handle such victims of dyslexia.

Various studies have explained the meaning of dyslexia condition. During 1968, the World Federation of the Neurologists explained dyslexia as a ‘disorder in the young ones who, despite having a conventional experience in the classroom, they have challenges in comprehending the language skills, spelling and writing that corresponds with their intellectual capabilities. On the other hand, the International Association offers an explanation of dyslexia as a particular learning disability whose origin is neurobiological.

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Children who suffer from dyslexia condition have challenges to read despite being exposed to traditional instruction, adequate motivation, at least average intelligence and offered a chance to learn. The condition is caused by the damage in the ability of the brain in processing phonemes; the smallest units that aid in the speech which differentiates words from each other. Dyslexia does not result from the hearing or vision difficulties. Moreover, it is not due to mental damage, lack of intelligence, or mental retardation.

The causes of the condition differ with the type of the condition. For instance, in primary dyslexia condition, much study emphases on the hereditary components. Scholars have recently recognized particular genes known to possibly contributing to the symptoms and signs of the dyslexia disability. This knowledge is crucial since it may help in identification of kids who are at risk of developing the condition and recommend earlier prior educational interventions to curb the condition and also better the outcomes

When it comes to symptoms and signs of dyslexia, it may be challenging for the classroom teachers to find out if a child has dyslexia. However, they may detect prior signs that advocate further assessment through a specialized health care or a psychologist to diagnose the condition. Some of the early symptoms are the delayed development of language, especially for children. The victim fails to depict the differences between the segmenting phrases when doing the reading. It is challenging in learning of the phrases and also difficulty when copying from the book or the blackboard. At some times, a child fails to remember a content, despite being an interesting storybook or video. Sometimes it is tedious to deal and be patient with children of this condition since testing can sometimes be a challenging. Sometimes they may feel unhappy about their performance. However, alternative strategies for these children should be tried during testing to encourage them. Teachers should hold a meeting with the parents of this kids to find out the best strategies and the care that they deserve in order to lessen some of the challenges that they face.

Recourse 2: Raising Children Network website

The website was created in 2003 especially for parents to provides reliable and globally certified information on how to deal with cases of dyslexia. The websites were designed to deliver the help to the parents and the caregivers on matters to do with raising their children affected by dyslexia condition. The website includes many suggestions and solutions to solve the problems that meet the parent.

The website is full of information since it introduces the methods, options, tools and practical ideas for teachers letting them make and formulate essential strategies to assist dyslexia learners to acquire knowledge. The website contains various classified materials such as books for parents, videos, organizations, books for children and other resources that aid in learning more about the reading challenges. It also has a Glossary of Terms that help in explaining some words about the language of dyslexia.

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The website has the internet source section that shares the most recent published information that allows the users to search through the disability to get news articles and various books concerning the reading difficulties and also other special requirements. LD online is another area in this website that has a comprehensive index of essential information for parents concerning the learning disabilities. The interesting part of this site is that it has a unique feature in an interactive bulletin area of a board that acts as the platform for the parents and even teachers to exchange information about the dyslexia condition.

The able in the website can be installed and help in building literacy skills for autism children.

The web network offers important information on dyslexia condition and offers the necessary support for children with dyslexia.

Reading resources are also in plenty in this website to enable easier accessibility for both learners and parents to study skills that will help children with dyslexia to improve their reading capabilities. I think this web page is important since it contains crucial features that makes the website to more interesting and crucial to help children with reading difficulties.

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Recourse 3: Dyslexia Condition Reading website

This New York website aims at putting readers in the shoes on some individual who has a dyslexia condition. It shows how challenging it can be for those individuals who has common challenges in reading and writing. The website is an eye-opening experience to understand the struggles that dyslexia patients face and try to strategize effective ways of assisting them. The website was created by a person who was suffering from the condition, and it recreates the determination of reading a paragraph with dyslexia (Ganschow,2000).

From the website, it depicts how the learning disability can create phrases and letters appear jumping around quickly and makes it challenging while reading.

The above image shows how dyslexia makes words and letters look jumbled.

The website is important since it helps learners with reading difficulties to practice the reading skills step by step and eventually grasp some of the important aspects of learning.

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Recourse 4: A book on Dyslexia

Praise for What is Dyslexia? is a comprehensive and informative book that written following the latest research and compassionate; the three qualities of the book make it a must-read text for children and the parents who are struggling with the dyslexia condition. The author Jessica Kingsley wrote the book in Feb 2007 to help the adults explain the dyslexia condition to their young ones. The author offers crucial information concerning the all about types of the dyslexia condition: difficulty in recalling how letters and words look, trouble with sounds, mixed dyslexia and trouble finding words. The author deals with the primary facts and implements a style which is readily available to the children without necessarily talking down to them. I think the book is useful since it outlines clear instances which makes it simple for children to understand, and also various activities for the parents to work out with their children (Hultquist, 2008). The book is also crucial through its emphasis that every individual has strengths and weaknesses and therefore, having a dyslexia condition is very much okay. The will be greatly important for parents of children who had dyslexia condition, and other adults who are dealing with dyslexia.

Recourse 5: Early Signs of Dyslexia Video Tutorial      

The video shows symptoms of dyslexia can be different depending on age but can also be dissimilar from one individual person. The most common symptoms outlined in the video include delayed development of language, especially for children. The victim fails to depict the differences between the segmenting phrases when doing the reading. It is challenging in learning of the phrases and also difficulty when copying from the book or the blackboard. At some times, a child fails to remember a content, despite being an interesting storybook or video.

I believe that this video has many benefits for families who are dealing with autism children.  And the good about this video that shows real children not just drawing or acting. Also comparing between a normal child and a child with dyslexia, so become clearer to distinguish the differences. The explanation that in the video help to understand more, where it follows each children’s acts. Generally, the signs outline the various signs and symptoms of dyslexia conditions which will be of great help in identifying the early signs in children and be able to manage the condition before worsening.

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Recourse 6: Dyslexia speaks

This web video, courtesy of the Dyslexic Advantage, the author Ben Foss talks about the condition at the conference on Talent and Dyslexia. The speaker narrates the importance of being open-minded and speaking out about having the dyslexia condition. From the video, Fross shows an aspect of fMRI about his brain when it comes to reading compared to the brain of the unaffected person while reading the texts (Witruk, 2011). I think the video is crucial since it lays the foundation of the importance of talking openly if one is affected by dyslexia condition.

Resource 7: Dyslexia Treatment

The webpage outlines that there are no identified ways of treating the underlying abnormality of the brain that causes the dyslexia condition. Nonetheless, prior detection and its evaluation to find out the particular requirements and effective treatment can greatly improve the success. The web page outlines that dyslexia condition is treated through the use of particular educational strategies and techniques, and therefore the earlier the prevention begins the better. The testing in psychological matters will help in teachers to develop a suitable program of this kind of children. The web is crucial since it outlines various techniques that involve vision, hearing, and vision in improving the reading skills of children with autism condition.

Resource 8:  help your child with dyslexia

The resource explains the responsibility that parents of a dyslexic child have in helping them learn better.  Giovanna Sanguinetti, a parent of a dyslexic child, explains that a parent should get knowledge on dyslexia, should be willing to be open about it especially with the teachers. The tutors should help the child to read, draw and write with patience and determination. Dyslexia people like order, so parents should be orderly and maintain the routine. These children often struggle with self-esteem they should, therefore, be helped to have confidence in themselves by protecting them from bullies.

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Resource 9: activities for children with dyslexia

The website is a resource which explains some stimulating activities that can be done by dyslexic children.  First, encourage the child to keep a private diary or a personal journal so that they put down their ideas. It will them boost their confidence. Second, they need support to start a blog. The activity will aid children with dyslexia further build their confidence because a blog requires more content. Which they should share with their family, and their efforts should be complimented. Third, involve them in games that will boost their phonetic skills and spelling ability. These could be word games such as scrabble, up words and boggle. They should be guided if they experience a challenge.   Fourth, encourage competition by keeping scores, the games should them with writing and word skills. Encourage them to perform better than the best performer in the game.  Finally, tell stories using technology gadgets such as E-books, audio books and reading applications (Thompson, 2007). Children with dyslexia benefit more from this activity because they hear sounds and even imitate them. Besides, it will make them develop the interest in reading.

Resource 10: best way to treat dyslexia

The resource provides the best way to treat dyslexia.  The page explains that treating it involves using educational tools that helps one develop and improve learning skills. Medicines nor counselling are not used to treat dyslexia. The best way is to recognize it early in life, so as to improve learning and will save the child from experiencing difficulty late in school. The federal law entails that a child, older than 3 years, who is diagnosed with dyslexia should get an individualized education program(IEP). Dyslexia children should be prepared for life earlier than at 16.

Methods such as teaching phonics and guided verbal reading would help the dyslexic child to develop reading skills. Clear instructions should be given to the child so as to understand, it must be repeated in a systematic order to help the child improve his/her reading abilities.

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Referring to suggested on-line resources and readings

Various disabilities exist in our society. In that case, families become the main supporter of their children with disabilities. They are who give their children the help and increase their confidence in themselves. These resources might help them to stand with their child and create wonderful and useful environment over their life. These resources might relate the families with the professionals to help their children in different aspects. Turnbull et al., (2006) points out that there is the need for the professionals to link up with each other to educate the children with different disabilities and collaborate with their families.

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