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In the old days, man had the mentality of work specialization. Women were supposed to perform certain task and men had their defined tasks. As time went by, this mentality changed gradually and women started participating in every kind of task. Women mostly participated in the house chores while men were given the hard task. The main cause of this is because men were termed to be the bread winners of their families. Nowadays, there are so many women who ward hard to ensure that they provide basic needs for their families. Due to this case, there so many women employees together with the men employees. The government has passed many rules that work towards providing a conducive working environment. One of the laws passed include the parental leave. Parental leave is the duration given to the workers to have a rest before they resume again to their jobs. 

Differences between parental leave laws in California and parental leave laws in New York State

Many states have passed employed laws with aim of providing smooth working environment for their employees. One the countries which have participated in ensuring there employees are protected is the united states. However, different states have different laws concerning how they treat their workers. An example of states with differing rules is the California and New York state (Brennan, & Williamson, 2018).  The two states treat their employees in different manners. The two states have laws which clearly define on how parental leaves should be contacted. One of the key areas that are put in consideration is about maternity leaves. It is clear that women who are pregnant cannot worker comfortably and they need to be given free time to go home and give birth safely.  Even though men don’t give birth, they also participate in giving enough security for their wife when they are about to give birth and immediately they give birth. The government has therefore passed rule requiring men who have pregnant women to be given a paternity leave to go and take care for their ladies. 

New York has passed laws pertaining the maternity leave. New York requires any boss to provide short term disability coverage to the workers. The coverage goes up to the pregnant employees who cannot work due to their pregnancy. The maternity rule is also applied in the California (Schreiber, 2017). However, there is a difference between how the maternity leave is applied in California and how it’s applied in the New York City.  In New York, the employees are insured and there salary is also provided. In California, the salary is not clearly defined on how much salary they should receive. Employees taking maternity leave in California are not given their full salary but they receive a small amount of salary. 

It is the role of every man to give enough security to his family. Even if men don’t give birth, it is very important to stay close to their wife during the time they are about to give birth and after they have given birth. The idea called for men to be given a paternity leave.  The California rule on family leave allows both to get a leave to go and take care of the newborn baby.  According to the California rule, a parent should take a leave of six months to go and take care of the young baby (Balcazar, 2017). The leave taken should be payable for both the mother and the father.  For an employee to qualify for the paid paternity leave in California, he should ensure that he gets registered for disability insurance qualifies for PFL.

The paternity leave does not place in California alone but it also applies in New York. The difference between the paternity leave in California and New York is how they are defined and the period allowed for each. In California a person going on a Paternity leave may receive a salary which is lower than the normal salary while in New York salaries are well defined. California passed the family leave bill earlier compared to the New York (Taylor, 2017). The two states also worked hard in ensuring that every person who is on a family leave receives salary to enable him or her to cater for her needs. 

Indicators of national movement towards enhancing larger legislations

The American government is well known for examining its legislations keenly before passing them. The act of having keen observation on the rules passed makes them to work efficiently once they are passed. One of the rules which the government examined them well before they were accepted is the family leave rules. Due to the keen observations, the rules functioned well once they were passed (Angeles, 2018). This is because the government and the citizens had positive view on the passed laws and they were ready to adhere to them. The American government has failed to implement the social welfare policy after considering the politics which are performed in America. Some scholars say that the American failed to pass the rule because of their ideas pertaining the capitalism of free-market. The rule could have interfered with the Americans work. Americans are famous on their strong believe and altitude towards work (Raifman, et al., 2018). Any person who is lazy and does not work then he or she does not deserve to eat. That is the principle used by people in America. In America a person who is unable to get a job and take care of his or her family, that is his or her fault and he or she is accountable for it. 

Another idea which affects America policy making is the America exceptionalism.  Before passing of any legislature, the America culture must be observed closely. The culture defines norms on how people in America leave. The culture also defines the likes and dislikes of American people. Before any rule is passed it is good to consider how the citizens will say about the rule. A negative altitude of the citizens will mean that they will not be able to follow the rule. America has got a path which history which it follows before making legislations. This history defines to them clearly whether the rule will be applicable or not (Nikpour, et al., 2018). The history can also be termed as the past experience. According to what has been experienced, it is easy to determine whether rule will perform well or not. The above indicators assist greatly in determining the performance of a new rule. 


The government of America passed the family leave to make sure that no employee who works under harsh conditions. Employees who are experiencing serious challenges like pregnancy need to be given time to rest. The government considered many factors to ensure that the new policy will work effectively.

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