Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

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What is FMSC?  What is their mission?

Feed My Starving Children, is a charitable Christian organisation, which is committed to feeding malnourished children in both spirit and body. The organisation understands that there are millions of children starving and suffering from malnutrition and thus, the need to attend to them. By introducing the word of God to the feeding program, it is the organisation hopes to help bring the children closer to God as well help guide them on their growth path. As such, the mission of FMSC is to feed the children of God in body as well as in spirit.

Ingredients and nutritional purpose of each

FMSC uses a variety of nutrients in its food making aimed at providing a balanced diet to the targeted group. The foods have proteins, vitamins, as well as carbohydrates that can be blended among other minerals. Some of the foods made and packed include dried vegetables, rice, and soy as well as a blend of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins help the body to develop and do protect against diseases as well most childhood malnutrition related problems (Haugen & Musser, 2012). They have other essential functions including helping in digestion, immunity, and metabolism. Proteins are nutrients, which are needed to the regulation, structure, and function of body tissues and organs. Proteins are essential in the making of body chemicals such as hormones and enzymes. They help in the growth of cartilage, bones, and muscles as well as blood and skin. Carbohydrates provide and store energy for the body. They also help in the making of macromolecules and help in sparing fats and proteins for other uses.

Country for the food shipment

The food was shipped to Dominica (Norris, 2016). Due to the presence of poverty in the northern rural districts of Dominica, FMSC decided to reach the impoverished children there. 

Current challenges relating to nutrition and health in Dominica

Dominica is faced with food shortages. For instance, it depends majorly on food imports to support its population. As a result, essential nutrients are not in supply among its people. The small-scale subsistence farming cannot support the needs of the society. Health is another issue whereby children who lack these nutrients end up becoming malnourished (Norris, 2016). 

Infection control procedures used throughout the experience

During the actual packing, we washed hands using water and a detergent for at least twenty seconds and were given hairnets.

My role 

During my volunteer service, I played the role of weighing the packed foods to ensure that they match with the required measurements.

Working together as a team?

As a team, we worked collaboratively with friendship, and we supported one another to work faster. 

What contributes to the success of FMSC?

The success of FMSC is embedded on the values of teamwork, love, and encouragement. Volunteering in this organization requires the desire to cooperate with every individual for the success of the organization (Gregory, 2013). 

Suggestion for improvement

The team can improve its functioning by being good listeners and observers. Before any activity starts, the organizers give directions on which process will be followed during food packaging. Being good observers and listeners is essential to enhance its activities.

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