Film playing for change movement


According to my research, the movement ascertains its major goals which include bringing people together from different cultural backgrounds (regardless of their race, gender, religion and many others) with one main pursuit which is to bring new values to the people and is able to marshal the economy, culture and political powers. Music is one of the most important forms of art in our day to day lives where most of the people give less attention to it and see it a form of entertainment, a touch of behavior and trigger some emotions. However, the movement has a different perception of music was formed to connect and bring encouragement through music between communities in the whole world. Playing for change team tours in all places across the world creating, shooting and recording music hence is creating a worldwide family that consists of members from all cultures, therefore, attaining diverse ideas from all over the nations.

The difference between street singers and organized musical concerts by famous singers is that a music concert is an organized event that is much of humanitarian set mostly to raise funds and awareness to a misery in a country. Street singers are held to bring people together and encouragement through music worldwide and not a specific country that is faced by a pandemic, war or any other social squabbles arising from them. Live music performances are held I one specific venue that is set to host a large number of audience so as to bring in more contributions to fund a pandemic while street singers hold their performances in public places.

Peace can be obtained in most movements because most of them comprise of members originating from all cultures and recordings from all over the world this help break barriers that are most likely to be experienced hence a peaceful cohesion between the universal family. In most cases international relation between the crew members help them compose music that address the current situation that is experienced in a country when they share what is it that they want to bring into attention in most areas. However, this plays a greater role in coming up with a comprehensive coverage of public values and global encouragement which enhances acceptance by the members of the public now that they are able to address what affects them directly. This is because they are able to sing in their language and used in their lyrics customs that are familiar with the audience and leads to the realization of a happy reception by the public.

Rap elements are currently incorporated in the Occupy Wall Street movement and analytic lyrics that have a texture which consists of lines which have notes that sound differently which can be either homophobic or polyphonic. Occupy Wall Street movement use musical equipment which embrace the element of dynamics i.e how loud or quite music is, rhythm which is the amount of time used in speed intervals as well as using beats that can be recognized by the audience and lastly is that they combine all elements to bring out a melody and harmony in each and every new and different verse.

Music plays a very significant role in politics and in most cases, musicians fear using rebellious terms and defiant videos that may be shunned later as having misleading content and therefore most musicians in favor of audience reception fail to deliver the intended message effectively. Most music has been used by political systems and government when music is sung in political rallies and during musicians are invited to perform in most of the government events has helped realize the potential of the most musicians when they gain popularity. Most musicians own recording studios and through the government ability to issue them with operation licenses they are able to operate businesses and also nurture the upcoming talented musicians when they allow many music recording studios to be started in different parts of the country hence reducing cost of recording in most studios when musicians can access cheap services due to competition that is realized when many studios are in operation.

The Zapatista movement is related to film playing for change movement in that they both advocate for change, both political and cultural values as their main objective. They again differ in the fact that Zapatista fights towards bridging the between the rich and the poor but in most movements they use only musical performances to raise awareness. They all ensure that they come up with solutions and suggestions that solve peoples’ problems.

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