Functions of food and importance of diet in health

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Food is important to our health (Mahan & Raymond, 2017). It provides the menu for health building. It is essential in maintaining health, prevention and cure of diseases (Mahan & Raymond, 2017). The proper functioning of cells, organs and body tissues is dependent on nutritious food.

Food provides people with important nutrition (Team Nutrition (Program: U.S.), & United States, 2016). All functions of the body such as metabolism, mental and chemical processes cannot take place without nutritive food. All essential nutrients needed by the body are provided by food.

The other importance of food is for the growth of the human body (In Henry, 2016). It is a source of minerals, vitamins and other elements needed for growth (Team Nutrition (Program: U.S.), & United States, 2016). The under supply of essential nutrients in the body is the root cause of many diseases. Disease and illness retards growth. This explains the role played by food in growth and development of the body.

A good diet can help someone to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It also reduces the chances of chronic diseases (Kanopy (Firm), 2014). Some of the diseases prevented by a good diet are hypertension and obesity. The overall health of someone is determined by a good diet.

By taking a good diet, someone acquires all the nutrients needed by the body (Mahan & Escott-Stump, 2004). This makes a person to stay strong, active and healthy. Physical fitness of a person is also determined by the type of diet taken (Team Nutrition (Program: U.S.), & United States, 2016).

A poor diet is characterized by major health risks and death in extreme cases (In Henry, 2016). Almost if not all body problems are caused by poor diet (Kanopy (Firm), 2014). A good diet is, therefore, inevitable for a healthy life.

Conclusively, food taken in a good diet promotes the overall health of the body (Mahan & Escott-Stump, 2004). A correct, well-balanced, and nutritive diet have an utmost importance in the healing of diseases and maintenance of good health (Team Nutrition (Program: U.S.), & United States, 2016). Such a diet should be made up of foods that provide all the essential nutrients.

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