Government and National Security Problem Solution Essay


National security is protecting a state against internal and external dangers or threats to maintain the country’s sovereignty. The American national security is under debate due to the rise of insecurity. There are several challenges about national security that are currently under debate, but the most recent security debate is about how to keep the country safe due to the ongoing conflict that the U.S. has with North Korea.

No individual would wish for war, whether in America or North Korea or anywhere else but with the rising tension and the president promising to attack the country, it seems that the U.S. and North Korea may be heading that direction. A few moments ago, North Korea opted for more executions especially of police officers in North Korean, and the CIA is getting worried that that country may bomb America with nuclear missiles in a few months. This is the current issue that is being debated about American national security (Mindock, 2018).

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There are two competing solutions to this problem; one is attacking North Korea by firing missiles and nuclear bombs and the other is that the U.S. should ally with China and work together to denuclearize North Korea. The preferable solution here is the latter. The previous presidents of the U.S. were almost forced to attack North Korea because their leader is always ready to rush to nuclear bombing solutions and this may cause more problems than solving the problem at hand. On the other hand, if China agrees to tie their economic ties well with the U.S. and provide funding for the denuclearization of North Korea, then the violations that North Korea has made will be taken seriously by the courts, and severe actions will be taken against them (Sherman & Rivere, 2017).

There are three levels of the government: the local, the state, and the federal governments. All powers that were not specified for the federal government is given to the state government of the U.S; they have a duty make sure that they; register vehicles and provide: driver’s licenses or records, certificates of birth and death, compensate the unemployed as well as to provide licenses to professors in specific fields. The local branch of the government, on the other hand, is found in cities and local areas and it is the branch of the government that most people interact with. They have a duty to look into the welfare of fire departments, country yards, learning facilities and institutions, cleanliness of the region, transport and water facilities.

The federal branch of the government has the following responsibilities. First, they create and enforce laws to ensure stability and order in the country. They control the national economy because the national currency is under the federal branch of the government. They protect their subjects against internal and external attacks by providing national security, and they control the foreign policy of the country and represent the nation regarding interest in other countries (Sothern, 2017).

The federal government is made up of three branches: The executive, the Judiciary and the legislative. The executive enforces the laws of a state. The legislative (the Congress) make laws, declare wars whenever it is necessary, control tax, finance and it regulates multinational and foreign trade. The judiciary (the courts) is responsible for overseeing the court system (Factmonister, 2016).

In conclusion, every state faces national security problems but how they deal with their problems depends on the integrity and the strength of their government and most importantly, their ability to work together and incorporate ideas from other individuals and not to rush to conclusions.

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