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Access to medical healthcare is a right for every individual. The government has to ensure that its citizens are provided with the best healthcare facilities at all costs. However, in the U.S, the healthcare system has been a topic of discussion for many years. There have been inequality issues on the availability of healthcare for the U.S residents (Gale, 2017). Some of the issues that are being discussed in the healthcare system are obesity, health insurance coverage, and superstitions about vaccination. This paper will focus on the issue of the health insurance healthcare system.

Regarding health insurance coverage, about 9.1% of Americans do not have health insurance coverage, and furthermore, the healthcare cost is very high. The average fee for medical services is $13,000. Therefore, this makes it a threat to the economy and the insurance system of the U.S at large. Here are two competing solutions to the problem. First, National Saving-fee schedule lowers the high cost of medical healthcare. This is dependent on the ratio of medical loss. The result is that the rates of medical insurances will be lowered instantly and even those without healthcare insurance will benefit (Strauss, 2017). Secondly, it is about transparency. The citizens should have a method of accessing the fee table of medical services. This method is preferable because it reduces other serious problems like corruption and greediness and it also provides accurate costs without bias (Strauss, 2017).

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The government has three levels that include the state, local and federal governments. The state government in the U.S has all powers that were not specified for the federal government. It has a responsibility to oversee the registration of vehicles, drivers’ records and licenses, birth and death certificates, compensation of unemployment and providing licenses to professionals (Dugger, 2017). The local government is found in cities and local regions; it comprises of municipal and county governments. They have a responsibility of overseeing the parks, schools, fire departments, libraries, sanitation, public transport and water resources.

The federal government, on the other hand, has the following responsibilities regarding healthcare: providing and improving healthcare facilities, ensuring there is access to quality care to every individual and especially those in vulnerable populations, develop health technologies, monitor the quality of healthcare and support new knowledge from other states. Other responsibilities include; making laws, controlling the national economy, providing national security among other duties (Sothern, 2017).

The three branches of the federal government include the executive, the legislative and the Judiciary. The executive consists of the president, his or her agencies and advisors and other workers who are more than 5 million. The executive is responsible for enforcing the laws of the country. The legislative is also referred to as the Congress which consists of the Senate and the House. This branch of the federal government is responsible for making laws, declaring war, controlling tax and finance and it also regulates multinational and foreign trade. The judiciary consists of the Supreme Court, and it is responsible for overseeing the court system (Dugger, 2017).

In conclusion, challenges are unavoidable, any state has its challenges, but for a country to overcome them, it has to employ solutions of how to deal with them. The healthcare problems have been a major topic of discussion for decades. If the government and its branches work together and enforce the above solutions, the problems facing the healthcare insurance system will be a thing of the past.

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