Gross, Subtle, Causal, and Non-­Dual Spiritual State

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The lack of understanding of the nature of the mind through categories of gross, subtle, causal, and non-dual spiritual states would make it difficult when it came to the knowledge of the possibility of the issue of life after death. Its understanding gives insight into the subject of the body as a material, which ends after death. However, the point of subtle consciousness continues when giving thought to the present to the future and from the past to the present.

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Its understanding opens the idea of the mind being divisible into the subtle and the gross mind. Here, the gross mind primarily depends on the body in the sense that whenever the body stops functioning, the gross mind also stops. In the subtle mind, it gives the five senses by providing information to the very subtle mind. It is imperative to note that neither the gross mind nor even the subtle mind can go from the present to future or from the past to present (Farias 185).

Through the subtle mind and its state, one can understand the issue of karma and how it works by giving the understanding of the place where there is the storage of the karmic imprint. One must be able to understand the very subtle mind. Four reasons provide reason to understanding by different religious groups on the issue of reincarnation and rebirth. In one of the last moments of consciousness of a given dying human being, their conceptual thoughts cease because the breathing, heartbeat, brain function have stopped. Here, it is correct to state that the gross mind has seized to function. The remaining thing is the neutral mind, which in this state has no bias. This form of consciousness has the aspects of knowing, mere experience, and little clarity (Walsh 104). When a person is dying, no matter who they are they experience four different types of fear. Some of the concern includes not remaining in the world, leaving possession behind, separating with the loved ones, and the fear of losing one’s self.

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These form of worries bring an understanding to the different type of religion since it gives insight into the idea that a human being when facing the fears intensify their attraction to the world and a vital desire to remain part of it. The understanding of the fear brings forth the idea of the passions and the attraction controlling the subtle consciousness and therefore forcing a draw to the world. The form of appeal has its support from the gross body. In any given sense, the mental awareness has an attraction to the gross body and that moment of spiritual consciousness, that has contact with the gross body and therefore causes a reoccurrence of a rebirth.

Through this understanding, it gives insight into the realms and being primarily in the beliefs of different religious groups such as the Buddhists. The Buddhist cosmology provides the idea of three fields and six different kinds of beings, which include the conscious, sentient, and the living. In its reflection, the idea of the realms of existence is the raga dhatu and the desire realm. In the methodology of the Buddhist beliefs, Mount Meru holds the position as the center of the universe. Here, Mount Meru is a massive mountain where half of it is under the ocean. Of the four different continents and four various subcontinents, the world is in the South zambhu about the Buddhist beliefs. Here, the living human beings cannot contact each other while they are on the different continents that are unless they use the technique of telepathy and meditation.

It is imperative to note that jealous shapeshifters have the power or magical quality. Here, they can manifest in different forms, which also include the human form. Their style of birth is not from moisture, heat, egg, or womb, but rather on the spontaneous nature where they are reborn in full size. They have no dependence on the external light and have a view of their body while their food is subtle. Their primary problem is that they are very jealous where they have a constant problem with the celestial beings because the celestial beings have prosperity and happiness.

Ideally, they engage in a continuous fight against their being all their lives with their wish being to be on top of Mount Meru. This form of root solely belongs to the shapeshifters. According to the understanding by the Buddhists, people can become hungry ghosts during their time of death. If in any given last moments, a person has a deep attachment to a particular object or person, when their subtle consciousness eventually leaves their gross body, it may have the ability to stick to the purpose. In this case, the subtle awareness cannot have the ability to find a new form of the body.

Due to the karmic imprints, the subtle body of a given hungry ghost can have the ability to appear to particular beings. It is imperative to note that the moment the same hungry ghost appears to the mind of a specific person, it is already gone. It is essential to understand the fact that the very subtle mind of having an understanding of karma is different from various people especially when considering many religious settings. However, the information regarding a person’s karmic data by the separate subtle consciousness has much difference.

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The modern science when looking at the memory and the mind give insight about the grosser levels of chemistry, cells, neurons, and mind, but not the very subtle consciousness. The very subtle consciousness of any given person goes from life to life by focusing on not changing the essence, which goes from the past to present to the near future. The idea has no relations with the physical location but the view of the movement through different times.

In conclusion, there can be an achievement of activation of the clear subtle consciousness or the light of mind through the techniques of meditation. Through the strategy of meditation, there can be an activation of the view of mind and give control to the idea of the body function and in the end, stop the thoughts and the gross mind. There is the need for a transparent review of the differences in spirituality between the various religious groups. If the world gets a better understanding of the bright light of mind, gross, subtle, causal, and non-dual spiritual states, all the different religions will be able to get a better understanding of the issue of death, rebirth, and reincarnation.

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